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4 February 2017: The Second Edition of Yoga Vasistha, Important Verses along with its video on YouTube - video, audio and eBooks in both print and reader formats have joined the website and YouTube.       

Yoga Vasistha, Important Verses for print     Yoga Vasistha, Important Verses, 2nd Edition eBook

Download eBook: print version / reader version

This is an updated and revised very compact version with focus on the important teachings of the great Sage. I have divided these essential verses of the Yoga Vasistha into four parts and included the prayer before reading before each of these four parts.  

   First Part - Chapters I, II & III: YouTube / download video / download audio   

   Second Part - Chapters IV & V: YouTube / download video / download audio

   Third Part - Chapter VI, Part I: YouTube / download video / download audio 

   Fourth Part - Chapter VI, Part II: YouTube / download video / download audio 

These parts are not balanced in length but feel to contain tighter groups of teachings. The fourth part is longer than the other parts. I have also modified some of the translations to be relevant to the present times . This essential verse translation is for the sincere seeker who is interested in what the teachings point to. 

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This website is the primary venue of my work which extends to my YouTube channel and the Sivananda Daily Readings blogsite - which can both be subscribed to. I do not have any technical background and so this, is and will continue to be a work-in-progress. There is no cost for anything and no need to sign-up, so help yourself to anything that you may find useful for your personal use.

YouTube: work on YouTube was a challenge to get started as I had never done any video before. I was a little familiar with slides, so I felt combining video with slides would be a good way to share thoughts.

Sivananda Daily Readings: subscribers receive a page sized teaching each day for the next day as subscribers are in different time zones. The teachings are content progressive and a good way to step into the new day.

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