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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter IV - Dealing With Existence

1. Dealing With Existence

After Cosmic Dissolution

Only those with firm faith in the universe's reality
Can posit the universe exists in a seed-state
After the cosmic dissolution, O Rama
These theories are pure ignorance only
The seed of the plant contains the future tree
Both material—perceivable by mind and senses
How can that which is beyond the reach of both
Be the seed for the worlds we see?
That which remains is subtler than space
How can the universe's seed exist in it?
Just how can this universe emerge
From that most subtle supreme being?
Something cannot exist in nothing
Even if it did—why it is not seen?
A tree does not spring from an empty jar
Which is filled with nothing but pure space
Brahman and the universe cannot coexist
As darkness cannot exist with the sun
The tree exists in the seed—both have forms
But how can form exist in formlessness?
Brahman and the world have no relationship
All that appears is Brahman alone
'Tis real just as a dream-vision
For it is produced without substance
A cooperative clause would be needed
For manifestation from the seed-state
But no such clause exists at all
'Tis ignorance to think about this
The creator arose as a memory
In infinite pure consciousness
From and in memory did all this arise
The world-appearance that only looks real
Like specks of dust in a light beam
Millions of universes do appear
This world and all its components
Are all in one small atom only
Other atoms have world-appearances too
Like figures in an uncarved marble slab
Though the slab does not have any form
The figures in it all appear so very real

The Way Beyond

Successful mastery of the senses
Is the only way across this samsara
Formidable ocean or world-appearance
No other effort is of much use
Wisdom gained by study of scriptures
Company of sages and holy ones
Successful mastery of the senses
Will help transcend world-appearance
The mind alone is world-appearance
All this is jugglery of the mind only
Mind conjures and experiences itself
When mind is healed—appearance is healed
Though unseen—by its own thinking
The mind conjures this body
Generating ideas of birth and death
Delusion results from its own thoughts
Relentless errors in perception
Worsen one's psychological condition
By direct observation and inquiry
End the cycle of the mind's tyranny
The enormous universe exists in the mind
Like the universes created by the brahmana boys
Like the hallucinations suffered by king Lavana
The story of Sukra will illustrate this well



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