The Inner Journey


1. Journey of Perfection


The adventure of life
Is a journey of perfection
Not by gathering or rejecting
But in letting go amidst it all
The sculptor chisels away
What does not belong
To reveal the heart’s view
For the eyes of one and all
With hammer and chisel
Working away at excess
Revealing with every stroke
The beauty held within
Each stroke masterfully hit
At the spot of excess
With the right amount of energy
To reveal what excess hides
Tools change to finer
As the lines blur between
That which needs removal
And what waits to be revealed
The stakes are gradually raised
With the rough work complete
More than what is required
Can ruin everything done
Complacency or carelessness
Carry a steep price tag
As every stroke is a precise answer
To the stones’ dark cold stare
The stone’s silent guidance
Is heard by the heart’s ears
Telling what must happen next
Till the work is done
The stone carves itself
Through the eyes and hands
Of the willing sculptor
Taking no credit at all
A wonder of all wonders
Is the straight and narrow path
The journey of the soul
Must be by the soul itself
Whole being must be attentive
To the inner silent guidance
That which is bound alone knows
What must be done for freedom
Listen to the silent song
Of the soul’s instructions
Cooperate with willingness
Victory will soon be thine
Such is real humility
And majesty of the soul
Silent witness and true friend
Ever eager to take you home

The Task on Hand

Neither long nor too difficult
The path ahead to be traversed
If you have the key of sincerity
In its ring of single-pointedness
Each step is the only step
As each unfolds perfection
Gaze not at the distant horizon
But instead at every opportunity
Each moment must you decide
If to do or not to do is wise
And if to do, the best way
As the journey is transformation
Each moment requires response
But fresh, without the past’s voice
Each moment will truly be a present
To be unwrapped later as bright future
Do what needs to be done
To the very best of your ability
Without motive or personal thought
Such doing will loosen the ego
Seek the company of virtue
Be content with inner goodness
These are real wealth, best friends
Light on the path and protection
Swami Sivananda has extolled
Highest teachings in simple terms
Timeless and invaluable to all
Follow these and you will succeed