Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

1. A Seeker's Plight: Work or Knowledge

Wise sage kindly do thou instruct
On this problem of liberation
Which of these is more conducive
Is it work or is it knowledge?
Dear one kindly consider
Birds fly with both their wings
Work and knowledge go together
Leading to the goal of liberation
Hear now an ancient legend
Consider, then do as you please
There was a sage in days of yore
Who was invited to heaven's abode
He asked the messenger inviting him
Of heaven's merits and demerits
As the wise never leap blindly
Based on hearsay or appearance
The messenger informed the sage
Heaven is where fruits were reaped
Of good deeds after exhausting which
One returns back to this very world
The sage could not see any wisdom
In a short detour of indulgence
As it weakens one's condition
And returns one in worsened state
The sage declined the invitation
Seeing it as a loss and not a gain
The messenger requested the wise sage
To kindly reconsider this once again
At the request of the messenger
The sage sought counsel with Valmiki
A wise sage who narrated to him
The story of Rama and Vasistha

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