Swami SuryadevanandaSalutations, greetings and welcome...

My journey is rooted in the principles of Divine Life - a quest of self-discovery and transformation. The teachings of Swami Sivananda have been the light on the path in their utter simplicity and practicality.

Leading the Divine Life is leading a life of discovery and transformation at the same time. It is discovery if I can learn to observe all that happens in the world outside and the world inside at the same time. The ongoing discovery gives us a steady opportunity for transformation as we can than act in the light of wisdom - free from the clutches of the inner world.

External situations are not the reason for the turmoil we experience. The uncontrolled outrush of the conditioned past surges out to envelop and eclipse the present till we see the past in and as the present. This overshadowing happens in the blink of an eye.

I reside in Florida, USA and do not have an organization or structure. This website is the platform for offering my work. I will continue to post my work on this website as an offering to all for non-commercial use.

Aside from this website, here are links to some of my other offerings...

Sivananda Daily Readings:The best way to start and end the day. Subscribers receive page sized inspirational teaching from the writings of Swami Sivananda, compiled by Swami Venkatesananda. These teachings are content progressive and cover the entire width of Yoga and Vedanta in a practical and easy to follow format. Messages are sent daily for the next day to accommodate different time zones. Though the teachings stay the same, we change and with it, everything becomes different, more meaningful.

My YouTube Channel: Currently has 76 videos in a few playlists. In some, I have combined video with slides containing text of the main points as a better way to share thoughts. Videos, audio and eBooks for most part, can be downloaded from this website.  

Your feedback is welcome, you can contact me from the contact page if you wish.

Thank you for your visit and for allowing this service. Wishing you good health, peace and happiness.

Yours in the Lord,

Swami Suryadevananda