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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III (...continued)

12. Brahma and Vasistha's Dialogue

Brahma to Vasistha

After hearing the sun's good advice
I began creating as was natural to me
The sun helped in my work on request
Playing a dual role most efficiently
Whatever appears in one's consciousness
That seems to come into being
It soon gets established and bears fruits
Such is the power of the mind
Creatorship too is a result of the mind
Mind alone manifests everything
Bringing about bodily appearances too
Naught else is aware of the body
Individualized consciousness is the mind
Also known as the individual or jiva
Appearing as physical or material bodies
Non-different from infinite consciousness
The intention of the ten young men
Made them feel they were creators
Even so do I feel and experience
And manifest—all based on intention
All this takes place in pure consciousness
Which thinks of itself as an individual
As the mind and as body too
But all these are based on consciousness
The mind is sentient and inert
As its basis is pure consciousness
It takes on the role of objects—unaware
As the substance is pure consciousness
Apprehension requires similarity
Like alone does contact like
Subject and object must be similar
The deluded mind is unaware of this
The individual mind somehow believes
Itself to be subject as the sentient
All objects to be inert and insentient
And is bound by delusion of duality
When this illusion is seen as reality
False egotism arises instantly
But on unrelenting self-inquiry
The division disappears—one attains bliss

Vasistha asks Brahma

Regarding the earlier story of Ahalya
How did their bodies suffer—not their minds
If the body is non-different from the mind
The punishments should have affected both

Brahma's Reply to Vasistha

From Brahma down to a little hill
All embodied have twofold bodies
Mind which is restless and acts quickly
A body of flesh which does nothing
The body is what is overpowered
By punishments as it is dependent
The mind only seems dependent
Though it is really independent
When the mind exerts in self-effort
It is beyond the reach of sorrow
The mind alone experiences
Fruit of self-effort not the body
Dwelling constantly on what is pure
The mind attains to purity
Immune to onslaught of every kind
Experiencing what it contemplates
The ten youth attained creatorship
By mental effort none could prevent
A mind devoted to the Self
Cannot be touched by any calamity
With the mind—make the mind
Take to the path of purity
With the self—make the self
Tread on the highway of purity
What the mind does contemplate
Materializes and is experienced
By intense contemplation bring about
Total change free of all delusion

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