Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

6f. Childhood

Regarded as enjoyable, but not really so
Filled with helplessness and mishaps
Cravings, inability to express oneself
Utter foolishness, instability and weakness
The child is easily hurt and angered
Easily bursts into tears and anguish
Living completely at the mercy of others
Exposed to everything without choice
Easily influenced by the wicked
Subjected to control and punishment
Filled with hidden sinful behavior
Extremely restless and unhappy
The child must have new things daily
Crying and weeping—its foremost activities
Not getting what it wants each day
It looks and acts heart broken
Being disciplined by its teachers
Being promised everything by its parents
The child begins to value things promised
Seeds of delusion are sown in childhood
Unable to avoid heat and cold
How is the child better than a tree?
Leery is he like animals and birds
As the child is fearful of its elders

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