Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One

6k. Rama's Closing Thoughts

Perception of defects in the world
Has stilled my mind's tendencies
Sense-pleasures do not arise within
As mirages do not appear on water
The delightful appears bitter to me
I do not relish pleasures or wealth
I wish to remain at peace within
Seeking freedom from this tyranny
I am constantly inquiring within
How to wean heart from the world
I do not care how long I live
As long as I remain ever free
If not established in wisdom now
Will there ever be another opportunity
Indulgences will consume lifetimes
Self-knowledge is all that I now seek
Therefore, O Sage, I pray to thee
Kindly do thou please instruct me
On freedom from anguish and distress
In the light of your instruction
Destroy the ignorance in my heart
This I humbly request of thee
I am filled with grief and confused
And shudder with each step I take
I have given up everything I have
But am yet to be established in wisdom
Partly caught and partly freed am I
And wish self-control but haven't the means
Pray tell me that condition or state
Which is beyond the experience of grief
How does one live in this world
And reach the abode of peace and bliss?
What attitude should one have in life?
What is it that needs to be done?
How does one free the mind of its lust?
As the mind sees worth in the worthless
Whose biography should I study?
How should I live in this world?
How to be free of love and hate?
What is the secret to escape grief?
Holy sir kindly do instruct me
How to counteract habit of mind?
That is itself spread out as creation
In the form of this visible universe
Who are those great heroes
Who have crossed over delusion?
What methods did they adopt
To free themselves of bondage?
Kind sage do thou please instruct me
Of the way and of the means
If you consider I am unfit for this
I shall fast unto death certainly

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