Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation (continued) 

6. Creation  

Parable Illustrating Creation

Infinite consciousness is the universe
It generates the knowable within itself
As an idea concerning its form or space
And an inquiry concerning itself as well
The idea of space starts to be real
The cosmic being arises within it
The infinite abandons, as it were
The supreme state for individuals
This appearance, however real it seems
Does not in any way alter Brahman
As Brahman is the only reality
Changes appear in the unchanged
In space, sound comes to be
Then egotism and the time factor
All this by the creative-thought
Inherent in the cosmic being
By similar thought does air come to be
And all other elements as well
All planes of existence in creation
All by thought in pure consciousness
Elements act and react on each other
The entire creation comes to be
Interwoven, mixed-up, indistinguishable
Ever changing but still the same reality
Since all of creation is vitally linked
To reality they appear to be real
Consciousness appears as the universe
Without undergoing any change at all
As is the seed, so is the fruit
The seed is Brahman the Absolute
So must be the fruit of creation
Pure Brahman the Absolute alone  

Individual Souls  

Thinking small, the soul became small
Wishing to experience, organs emerged
Thus the body gradually took shape
But all this in its imagination only
Since all this happens in reality
It appears so real and confusing
Brahman, the only eternal truth
Reality and illusion of world-appearance
Neither one nor many souls
Nor exists there a conglomeration
Jivas—souls, are but names
Brahman is the only reality
One reality appearing manifold
Appearing real due to ignorance
Which light of inquiry does dispel
All this is Brahman, the sole reality
All this is imagination or thought
Nothing has really been created
When true wisdom arises within
Unreality vanishes and truth is beheld 

Becoming Creation 

Apprehending the perceived in itself
Consciousness itself becomes the perceived
All this appears so when false notions remain
For there is none other, save Brahman
This mysterious power of consciousness
Producing diversity while within itself
Is what is known as egotism
In it does infinite diversity arise
Give up false notions of 'I' and 'you'
Renounce notions of the self and its cause
Realize the truth when all these fall
Of that which is between real and unreal  

Knowing Consciousness

When consciousness wishes to be known
It is known as the universe
Mind, intellect, egotism and elements
Are all pure consciousness only
One cannot distinguish between
A person, his life and his work
So also with Brahman and creation
Infinite diversity in unchanging unity
Removing the notion of externality
Gives rise to knowledge of the Self
Know the supreme truth directly
In your heart and be ever free
As is heat to fire, coolness to ice
As liquidity to water, flow to river
As sweetness to honey, fragrance to flowers
The universe is to pure consciousness
The world is because consciousness is
It can be said to be real and unreal
As consciousness is world's reality
It has no independent reality
Do not get caught in these words
Expressions have their limitations
See what the teachings point to
Realize this within your heart
Objects appearing in a dream
Are not found in the waking state
Though they appeared real in dream
So too with the world when truth is known
Our knowledge is based on ignorance
Notions, definitions expressed in word
Truth is beyond the grasp of all these
It has to be experienced directly by one
This world is like a dream city
All within pure consciousness
World and cosmic consciousness are one
Now hear a story to illustrate this

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