Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter II: Behavior of the Seeker

4. Narrative Dealing with Liberation


If you listen to this narrative attentively
Revealed to me by the creator Brahma
The Supreme Being will be realized
Sorrow and destruction will come to end
The omnipresent omniscient alone shines
When vibration arises in this cosmic being
It gives rise to Brahma the creator
Who begins to create endless variety
Pain and suffering are inherent in creation
As are sacred centers, learning and piety
But suffering’s tight grip is merciless indeed
Liberation from its clutches is a difficult task
I was brought into being by the creator
And veiled by ignorance, self-forgetfulness
Sunk in misery, unable and unwilling
To find a way out, staying lazy and inactive
I prayed to the creator for his grace
For a way out of suffering and grief
Immediately the veil of ignorance was lifted
I regained peace through self-realization
The creator told me the reason for veiling
Was to experience the glory of realization
As there is no other way to experience this
Except self-forgetfulness and its transcendence
Experiencing suffering makes one compassionate
As one feels and reaches to help spontaneously
Thus equipped with this knowledge I am here
And will continue till the end of creation
In every age sages are willed into being
For the spiritual welfare of all beings
As desires and greed harden the heart
The cure is spiritual insight and wisdom

Real Dispassion

The dispassion arisen in you is of discrimination
It is superior to that born of circumstances
Such dispassion is by the grace of God alone
Maturing when lodged deep within the heart
Till this dispassion lodges deep in the heart
One stays in the cycle of birth and death
Listen therefore with a concentrated mind
As the fire of wisdom destroys ignorance
One should approach the enlightened teacher
With the right questions and attitude
To elicit the teachings, light on the path
Which must become part of your very being
The fool asks irrelevant questions disrespectfully
The greater fool spurns the sage’s wisdom
’Tis not a sage who answers any of these
Vain questions from a foolish questioner
You are indeed the foremost of seekers
For you have reflected over the truth
And are inspired by dispassion’s fire
Fix these teachings within your heart
The seeker must strive to fix in the heart
Teachings of sages and the wise
The seeker must avoid unwise company
As the mind is unstable and impressionable

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