Ocean of Present

Always forget the past immediately, pretty it is.
The present is the only time there is,
And we are in an ocean of present only.

6 January ’07

Start Off at the Water's Edge

Always wiser it is to start off at the water’s edge,
Right where we are, with our immediate concerns
And look to every wave behind it successively.
This watching the mind or vigilance
Does not take away anything from our living
But protects us from thoughts, speech and activity
That we may have to work hard to extricate ourselves from.
Then, living a life replete with all the qualities necessary
That transform the inner fabric from the knotty particulars
To a thin universal state.
This comes as a later state
That the Yoga Vasistha calls tanumanasi
Or a mind that is thin, rid off, free from modifications or half-truths
And this mind is a great ally in the path ahead.

July-September ’07

Learning Has to Become Us

The stopping of carelessness by vigilance,
The insistence of wisdom as the seed of all activity
Which makes wisdom understanding or assimilation
(Word becomes flesh and not just information —
Common it is to hear, read and study on truth
But if it does not become our understanding,
We will know about it but function from the old ways of thinking
And it will not help us.
Learning has to enter the kernel of our being,
It has to become us
Or we have to become the knowledge)
And then,
Meditation, which is direct contact with the truth of things,
And the cycle takes the path of involution for establishment
In and as the center or the movement from expression to experience
Where the experiencing is all that remains
And this pure experiencing is spoken of by the great
Sage   Yajnavalkya
To Maitri in the Brhadaranyaka Upanishad.

July-September ’07

Be Thou a Good Gardner

Virtue can never be lost or even lowered
As every moment is fresh and presents opportunity
To build these good virtues,
There is only an eternal now.
Here also, forget the past,
It is not forgetting the past that keeps the memories of
Any small errors or slips fresh
And this disallows progress in the present.
Get rid of all these from the mind garden,
Be thou a good gardener
And realize that weeds grow;
One has to keep weeding as long as one gardens.

June to September ’07

Stay a While

And Take This In

We discover
That what we will face
Is not the rose garden we hoped for,
But the entire forest in which there are roses too.
Stay a while and take this in;
Roses are as much a part of the forest
As the thorny bush,
Hummingbirds fly there
And the rattler too has a mailbox in the neighborhood.
Stay a while longer and let this all be seen;
Then feel that all this is pervaded by the One
And these are only expressions as appearance of One Reality.
This is why it is requisite and imperative
That all judgments and opinions be cast aside,
It will seek only roses
And never the larger expanse of the universal garden—
It will stop there or search in some other way
Only to meet the same end again
And never know the grandeur of the universal garden
Or the Majesty of the Prompter, Sustainer and Source
Where even variety is not.

11 August ’07

Behold the Glory of the Divine

It is always the glory of the divine
That playfully reminds the ego,
‘Behold such that can be
If surrender thee,
Be thou an instrument, my dear,
And witness the grandeur that will bewilder
The finiteness thou knowest…’

11 August ’07

When Life is Living Meditation

When one is functioning
In the waking state
With the same abidance
Of the reaches of meditation
And life is a living meditation,
That is perhaps the one thought
Like the flow of oil.

13 August ’07

Descent of the Bubble of Ego

Into the Abyss of Life

What is real, cannot cease to be,
The unreal hath no existence.
But, this has to be experienced intuitively—
Self-effort in practices pushes the cart of ignorance
By inflow of counter-ideas,
Action guarded by the steady eye of vigilance
Rooted in wisdom, fueled by faith
And driven by a passion to be rid of the ego—
All this time-tested on the highway of life—
Life alone remains as it alone was
And the bubble of ego that seemed to surge,
Quietly descends into the abyss of life, of existence.

18 December ’07