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Essential Yoga Vasistha

Essential Yoga Vasistha

Swami Venkatesananda at Vasistha Gufa

Dedicated to Swami Venkatesananda


Prayer Before Reading

I. Dealing with Dispassion

Life, a field to evolve

The seeker

Signs of awakening

Awakened observations

II. The Behavior of the Seeker

The problem and cure


Four gate-keepers to liberation

Wisdom's rise

III. Dealing with Creation

Appearance and reality

Consciousness and creation

Resolving appearance and reality



Changing the flow of the mind

The nature of infinite consciousness

The relative and the unchanging

III. Dealing with Creation (...continued)

Light on the path

Raise the mind with the mind

Seven Planes of Wisdom

The Infinite

IV. Dealing With Existence

'I' is the problem

Lead an awakened life

Parents' Duty

Real and Unreal

The Sage's Song

Closing Thoughts

V. Dealing with Dissolution

Consciousness and thought

The abandonment of conditioning


Living with purpose

A Seeker's Prayer

A Seeker's Realization

V. Dealing with Dissolution (...continued)

Mastery of one's heart-mind

Sages' view


Overcoming the mind

VI. Dealing With Liberation, Part I

Exhortation to practice


The yoga way

Pranayama and mind control

Living without conditioning

Supreme meditation

Supreme worship

VI. Dealing with Liberation, Part I (...continued)

The Supreme

Proper action

Seeing through the illusion


Delusion of world-appearance

Mind itself is self-destruction

Do what needs to be done

Attain self-knowledge

VI. Dealing with Liberation, Part II

World exists in the meaning of 'ego-sense'

Advice to the seeker

How experience arises

Seeing through the illusion

Stay free of notions

Avoid siddhis or psychic powers

VI. Dealing with Liberation, Part II (...continued)

Action is better than inaction

Awakened realizations

Earnest prayers are answered

Strange and wonderful is this maya

The only means to redemption

Be established in truth

Repeated affirmation makes memory

Focus of main effort

The greatness of freedom

Yoga as life

The seeker's awakening

Vasistha's final comments

- Om Tat Sat -