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Getting Started

Getting Started

Usually, we tend to have a rather restrictive understanding of practice. We think of practice as some effort made towards a purpose and this purpose always seems to be more important than the effort which we see as the 'means'. Is it necessary, useful or even possible to separate the means from its end? You cannot separate the little seed from the big tree it grows into. If one takes care in the planting, the soil and early nurturing—the tree will happen by itself.

When we separate effort from the end sought, we are always anxious. Not seeing the desired end soon enough, gives rise to doubts. If doubts linger, we are prone to making impulsive changes that we feel may bring the end closer. Each time we make these impulsive changes in effort, we weaken the will.

When the heart is not in the effort or practice, it lies in wait anxiously for the end or result sought. The anxiousness is itself inner division, "Me, here I am, and, that is what I seek—hope it will come soon". A part of me, the conditioned mind, drives effort while the heart waits anxiously for the result.

Here, I have deliberately chosen the word 'practice' instead of yoga practice or spiritual practice which may suggest specific action or a specific setting—not necessarily vitally connected with who we are and all of life. This not to discount anything or start something new, but, rather, to give practice its widest reach including every thought, feeling, word and physical action.

These writings will join the website as they are written, as a sort of notebook of thoughts on practice. I will put them in better order as they near completion.