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Gita Meditations

From the book, 'Gita Meditations' by H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda.

(Reproduced for free distribution for personal and non-commercial use by the kind permission of The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India.)

H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda

Dedicated to H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda

From the introduction of 'Gita Meditations' by Sri Swami Sivananda

This compact collection serves to keep vividly before the mind the eternal verities of life and rouse up and inspire man to strive to realise them. Each meditation is a powerful means to enable man to live in the continuous consciousness of the presence of God.

The first section touches upon the nature of the Supreme, its transcendent and immanent aspects, and the immortality of the soul. Section two gives an inspiring picture of the fortunate ones, the saints who came face to face with the supreme reality described in the first section. The third (and rightly the biggest) section headed 'Spiritual Life and Sadhana' serves to keep before the mind the difficult path of restraint and renunciation by which the saint realised the reality. The 'meditations' in section four are all about the various phases of the way of attainment.

These are precious spiritual flowers culled together and done up into beautiful bouquets laden with divine fragrance. It is a most valuable collection containing, as it does, practical guidance to the raja yogi, gems of prayer and sweet surrender to the bhakta, solemn depth of introspection to the jnani, and wonderful inspiration and invigoration to the karma yogi.

—Sri Swami Sivananda

About this work: I have long been wanting to in some way share the teachings of this magnificent book, ‘Gita Meditations’ by Sri Swami Sivananda. The author’s introductory essays will say all that has to be said about the work and its vital importance to the spiritual seeker.

I am most grateful to The Divine Life Society, Rishikesh, India, for their kind permission to use the magnificent book, ‘Gita Meditations’ by Gurudev Swami Sivananda in this offering.This version has been modified to include a verse by verse transliteration. You can order this book from their online bookstore by clicking here. The video, audio and text are available for free download for personal and non-commercial use.

—Swami Suryadevananda


Universal Prayer


The Ancient Gospel to Modern Mankind

Meditation on the Supreme Being


1. Prayer to the Lord

2. Nature of Brahman

3. Immanence of God

4. Immortality of the Soul


1. Bhāgavatā

2. State of Sthitaprajña

3. Yoga-Bhraśta

4. Gunātīta

5. Nature of Equal Vision


1. Three Kinds of Sukha

2. Great Enemies of Man

3. Yogic Discipline

4. Three Kinds of Tapas

5. Control of Mind

6. Virtues to be Cultivated

7. Vairāgya

8. Real Renunciation

9. Rules for Right Activity

10. Self-surrender and Grace


1. Body and World are Evanescent

2. Aspire for the Supreme Alone

3. Thought at Death

4. Jñāña or Supreme Wisdom

5. Way to Peace

The Practice of Yoga as Described in the Bhagavad Gita (This forms the last section of the book and has not been included in the video or audio but can be found in the pdf handout. I hope to add this as a separate video and audio soon).