Music ♪ An Inner Tuning With Nature

Music  is an inner ‘bridge of harmony’.
Harmony and unity are the symphony of nature;
We seem to be off key.
Music allows is to tune ourselves
With the harmony of all things
And return to nature.

18 January ’10

A Moment to Moment Unfolding

Life is a moment to moment unfolding—
There are no black and white rules.
The bottom line is:
What is really pinnacle and important?
Nature helps in her timing,
If heart and mind are in the right place.

20 January ’10

Write The Chapters of Your Future With Pre-sents

You are the author of your life!
Each moment of each day is a blank sheet.
Rise early and make the most of your time;
Doing so, you have more to write.
Past is nothing but memory;
Future is imagination only.
Living in either of these can do no good
Except torment you while you see the present slip away.
The present is your greatest present
As it is always pre-sent—sent ahead!
So you need never worry about what comes
What comes is what is always best.
Aside from being pre-sent
It is also a present—a most precious gift!
Nothing else can bring change.
What value can you give to this opportunity?
It is always perfect!
This present or gift is always in the present
Since every moment is a fresh present.
You are always receiving presents—gifts,
A steady shower of presents in the present!
Find value in everything—as everything teaches
How to be and how not to be.
Do so without finding fault or assigning blame
This is the way to protect the aspiration’s flame!
Time slipping away is your future slipping away.
The sincere wanting to be good is the pen;
Thoughts, feelings, words and actions
Are the inks for your journal of destiny.
The natural feeling to do good is act of writing.
Write the chapters of your future with Presence!
And the past will fade into history.

21 January ’10

A Gift Beyond All!

It is the solitary traveler,
Tired of the perils of this samsara
Who resolutely feels
That the price tag of self is not a cost,
But rather—
A gift beyond all!
Give the self, gain the Self!
Giving is gaining.
To give is to live.

6 February’10

To The Threshold of Unity

Experience of unity is proportionate to distance of duality:
Distance of duality takes one to the threshold of unity.
Just like the sculptor: he does not add on
But removes what does not belong
To reveal what has always been there.
Why do we find this ‘removal’ of excess painful?
Why do we find maintaining or increasing this excess desirable?
Why do we defend bondage which enslaves?
Why do we feel giving up our shackles is ‘giving’—
Rather than gaining freedom?
Strange it is!

6 February ’10

Chiseled Into Self by Divine Life

Just like the sculptor: he does not add on
But removes what does not belong
To reveal what has always been there.
The exercise is called ‘Divine Life’.
The techniques are the different yogas.
The tools are the application of yogas in life.
The block of marble is the self.
What needs to be removed is the ego,
In all its forms as ‘I’ and ‘mine’
You know it is the excess being removed—
It protests!
It has to be done carefully and intelligently.

6 February ’10

Freedom is Always There

Freedom is always there.
You may feel to put some hindrances.
I will ask, ‘Why?’
You yourself will remove your own hindrances—
The path is just like that.
The sculptor, you see…

7 February ’10

Of the Day There Is No Imprisonment

Of the day there is no imprisonment:
That time is right now only!—
Or any moment you choose to exercise the option.
It is not quite as easy as that—
Only because the instrument is rooted in habit.
Still, one can act free—right now,
By thinking, feeling, communicating
And acting free… right now!
If one can hold onto this as a good hunch
That does not require mind work
And let the mind gradually catch up,
As it finds itself alone, neglected and unused
Unless it reforms.
The solitary time is the re-education of the mind
And cannot be taken lightly,
As the mind waits for an opportunity to bask again;
It’s energy has to be recycled differently
And this rewires the mind.
The mind does not respond to threat or coercion:
It is a master of those games.
It is consciousness taken a wrong turn.
The mind will come around when you patiently
But firmly persist in using it in a new way.
The wrong turn basis can be seen as
Constant wrong use which is what the turn symbolizes.
In the great work of wisdom,
That treat of the absence of passion,
We are given a front row seat to the inner drama
And shown how to ex-it!

February ’10

We Are All Passing Through This Drama

We are all passing through this drama,
And we will have to give things away
Or leave them to someone.
It is the biggest of recycling experiments,
As it is not just with things—
We are being recycled ourselves!
The food we eat becomes the body
Which becomes the food of food.
We buy a house to protect us from the elements
And we spend a good deal
Of time and money protecting the house.
We buy a car to take us someplace
And it ends up taking us to the dealer,
Repair shop, carwash and insurance company.
The thoughts we entertain become experience,
Which prompts thoughts (and more: action)—
And this cycle continues unless
We can extricate ourselves from it.
In this drama, much grief is experienced.

12 February ’10

Life is One Long Lesson

Life is one long lesson—
In that we may lessen our burden,
Grief and limitations,
And the state of less-sin.

14 February ’10

If the Drop Will Only 'Sea'~~~

We have somehow been conditioned
To look for what is wrong
And this is based on notions
Of ‘how things should be’.
This has no basis at all!—
As we are a part of everything!
How can a small drop hope the ocean is a certain way?!
The ocean is
And what it is, is revealed to the drop
From moment to moment—
If the drop will only ‘sea’.

9 March ’10

Harvesting the Seeds of Higher Nature

Guru is not found as we find things and people as such.
The constant threshing of the lower nature
To harvest the seeds of higher nature
Has often led to meeting the guru.
Continually work on polishing the self—without remission.
For this, life and simple, but regular practices are all one needs,
Along with iron determination to shake off the lower.
When aspiration enters life, life enters aspiration:
This seamless interaction is divine life.

9 March ’10

For Change, One Has to Become It

To be unconcerned with any action
Other than one’s own
Is to steady the sail for the self’s boat.
For change, one has to become it.
To the extent the drop changes,
The ocean changes.

9 March ’10

Sincerity! Sincerity! Sincerity!

To be sincere is sincerity.
To be clean, pure, sound,
To have one growth—not mixed-up,
To be integrated and whole,
To be a seeker of the truth,
Is to be sincere—attuned
In thought, feeling, word and deed
To the truth pursued.
To think as such, feel as such,
To speak as such, act as such,
To be all forms of expression,
To experience as such
Living amidst the world
But not of the world
Ever true to one’s Self!
Sincerity lives the life!
Sincerity is the substance
Energy and transformer
Sincerity is the path too
Of integration and unfoldment.

18 March ’10

Just the Heart Intent on Serving

One does not need structure to do good work,
Just the heart intent on serving is enough,
More than enough.
Nature has packed our lunch with all that we need—
And we are to use what we have thoroughly.
If Nature feels more resources are needed,
She will supply whatever is best in the right time,
In the right quantity and exact the right price;
As aside from providing resources,
She is also nourishing us with what is best—
Sometimes taking some away,
As that is best!

6 April 2010

To Exert in Light of the Divine Omnipresence

Self-effort is to exert in light of the Divine Omnipresence.
It is not a contradiction
But a continuance of the abidance in the Name
Through life: through thought, feeling, speech
And action as a practical demonstration of Faith.
Sincere effort is prayer through life
And since I am to do things like work, interact etc.,
Let these be divinized: Divine Life—
So all is a prayer, done prayerfully.
Will is also His only.
Let this precious gift be used fully
In His remembrance and service.
Let everything be used
In His remembrance, adoration and service.

7 April ’10

Always in the Middle is the Path

It is never this nor that—
Always in the middle is the path.

7 April ’10


Aus-tear-ity: the tearing away
From what is not good or there will surely be tear-s:
Tears to weep
And tears as in rips as the cause.
Prevention is the best cure
And austerity is prevention
As is all discipline wisely self-subscribed.
Try to see austerity as prevention,
Thus proactive and economy at the same time,
Like ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.
There has to be gain always.

25 April ’10

The Inner Ascent Must Be Taken by Everyone

Eric Weihenmayer, an extraordinary man, blind since childhood,
reached the summit of Mount Everest on the 25th of May, 2001.
The inner ascent is just like this—
Many times more difficult.
We too are blind—
And if lucky, have the voice of a guru
Or intuition and reason.
It too takes tremendous preparation,
But there are no Sherpa to carry one’s load.
The inner weather too gets intense
And the shelter is faith and dedication.
The air gets very thin;
There is no oxygen
Except breath with Lord’s Name.
The inner ascent must be taken by everyone
So they can ever-rest!

28 April ’10

Live With 'K-no-wl-edge'!

There is nothing wrong with books;
They are good things but not necessary today
As the purpose is sharing knowledge
And books cannot do any more than
Information on websites—perhaps less!
A good reader can always be with you,
Important study literature can be right there
And one need not nurture a library, which is expensive—
And then, what to do with it finally?
Books are only good in a certain stage,
Then experiences take one further.
Academic learning is another thing—
That is a fathomless abyss and exercise in accumulation.
In spiritual life, it is not accumulation
But a removal of learning by learning!
Learning cancels itself so it does not interfere
In direct realization of the truth.
Too much here will once again tip the scales
From what was thought to be secular knowledge
To what is not thought to be spiritual knowledge.
Secular knowledge was just to help you get a job
So experience could take over – quite similar
But with a few subtle differences here:
Just to help you live without the old ‘know-ledge’
And live with ‘k-no-wl-edge’.

13 May ’10

Turn the Spotlight Within

Amidst all things that seem to add to difficulty,
There is so much encouragement from nature and others too.
Difficulties and problems are nothing but inner resistance experienced.
If we immediately turn the spotlight within,
The area of inner adjustment is seen very clearly!

19 May ’10

The Focus is in 'Being'

Resistance comes from lack of focus,
Not in doing something,
but focus in ‘being’—
It is quite different.
Constant, ongoing vigilance without remission
Is the only way to understand what the ego is.
There is nothing to defeat, really, but much to recover from.
Spirituality is all about who we are.
Doing is a means to its discovery and recovery—
Not the soul or Atman,
But the entirety of our mental footprint.
Vigilance is interested in this self only
And constant observation, without remission,
Keeps this in an objective status,
And the observer feels distinct from this shadow.
It is then only that the inner intelligence or awareness
Can be turned on itself—
To melt into the abyss of observation!
To the degree this inner oneness rises,
External separations fall away,
And we relate in a totally different way—
To and with others
As one’s own self.

23 May 2010

Great are the Lessons of Hanuman!

Great are the lessons and inspiration
From the life of Sri Hanuman.
The leap over Lanka
Is what every seeker must do—
A giant leap beyond the mind!

30 March ’10

The Ways of Memory

The vitalized memories are memories that are charged
Positively or negatively,
And with repetition, will rise for repetition.
Memory is not necessary in understanding situations
And what needs to be done.
Non-vitalized memories are mere impressions.
If we directly face every moment with full awareness,
We are perfectly capable of doing what is best and letting go!
Ongoing vigilance enables one to use memory as needed,
And avoid being used by it.

30 May ’10

The Aspirant as Fiddler

As is the violin virtuoso,
So too the aspirant virtuoso—
The mind has to be played the same way:
Very carefully
So just the notes wanted are fiddled.

18 June ’10

The Problem is the Solution Itself

The problem is the solution itself!—
Waiting to be figured out!
Flip the problem over with the spatula of inquiry,
The solution is always the belly, close to the ground.

21 June ’10

Inspiration – A Prompting of the Almighty

All inspiration is a prompting of the Almighty,
Especially when it is guided as service to the large
And rooted in duty.

6 January ’07

Surging Out of Conditions!

It is absolutely amazing!—that amidst all the turmoil of life,
There are pockets of such good work happening with many.
It is certain that nothing can keep the continual springs of good—
Even in the darkest crevices and cracks
You can see one little blade of fresh grass or a wildflower
Surging out of its conditions.

10 July ’10

Let the Soul Soar to the Top!

Always smile and be cheerful no matter the conditions –
Everything passes, we are to pass –
What is there to lose joy over?
If the laptop crashes, let the laptop go,
But let the soul soar to the top!
Where it ought to be.
Always be happy, cheerful and never despair:
Nil despairandum!
Make others happy, say things to bring cheer
And do that which would be best done
Unto your own self And all is fine, all will be fine!

22 July ’10