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Essential Yoga Vasistha

II. The Behavior of the Seeker

The problem and cure

Mental modifications is diversity
The dividing mind projecting on things
When the inner intelligence responds to life
The mind's foolishness exhausts itself
Neither easy nor difficult is this
Hopes, desires and craving must be unanswered
They are how modifications perpetuate
Appeasement solidifies ignorance's grip
Unless you are willing to lead an awakened life
Rising above hopes, desires and cravings
It is deception to indulge in high philosophy
Knowing you're tight in foolishness's grip
Habit can be overcome by self-effort
But first there must be change of heart
It is futile to foolishly grind oneself
While the heart still finds habit appeasing
Change of heart is wisdom's rise
This inner change must bring outer change
The old can never bring anything new
An awakened life brings change of heart


Non-division is right understanding
This is the basis for self-effort
It manifests in heart when one is exposed
To the teachings and conduct of holy ones
To divert the mind to the pure
Towards that which is divisionless
Persistently, without letting-up
Is the essence of all teachings and scriptures
Action is non-different from latent tendencies
Latent tendencies are non-different from the mind
The mind is non-different from the person
Latent tendencies are the springs of action

Four gate-keepers to liberation

Self-control, spirit of inquiry
Contentment and good company
These are the four gate-keepers
Who guard the gates to liberation
When the mind's thought-waves subside
There is an unbroken flow of peace within
The heart leaps to the supreme truth
This very world becomes an abode of peace
Living amongst all and everything
Unaffected by things in any way
Free of likes and dislikes
One is said to be self-controlled
Self-inquiry is natural to the self-controlled
Self-knowledge arises from self-inquiry
One discovers great tranquility and peace
Understanding and freedom from sorrow
Contentment is the supreme gain
Satsanga is the best journey's companion
Spirit of enquiry is the greatest wisdom
Self-control is supreme happiness

Wisdom's rise

Accept the words of a young boy
If he indeed speaks words of wisdom
Reject what is not of wisdom
Even if they be by the creator
Till wisdom arises directly in you
Take recourse in the knowledge
Transmitted by the great teachers
Who've trodden the path themselves

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