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Essential Yoga Vasistha

III. Dealing with Creation (...continued)

Light on the path

You can gain direct knowledge
Of the supreme causeless cause
By your own examination
Of the intelligence within
The direct enquiry of thought's movement
Within one's own consciousness
Is the supreme guru or preceptor
None else can throw such light on your path
If you wish for unalloyed happiness
Fame, prosperity and long life
By all means honor and worship good men
Giving them all they might wish to have
Even selfish ends are gained by the wise
Using appropriate means, conduct or action
After they give up anger and mental agitation
And resort to equanimity and a clear mind
It is one and yet it is many at once
In it millions of universes merge
It is not a void or nothingness
For it is the self of all and everything
As long as one sees the bracelet as bracelet
It is not seen as gold—what it really is
When the world is assumed to be real
The self is not seen and stays hidden away
The self can be attained in many ways
Yet, when attained, nothing's been attained
For it is the supreme self
Yet it is nothing as it alone is
Within the atomic space of consciousness
All the experiences do exist
Even as within a drop of honey
Subtle essences of flowers do exist
Because of consciousness in the bracelet
Gold realizes its goldness
The subject manifesting as the object
Realizes subjectivity—pure consciousness
Having the company of the enlightened
One does not suffer in this world
Even as one holding a lighted candle
Does not see darkness anywhere
All this discussion and argumentation
Take place only in and because of ignorance
When there is knowledge there is no duality
When the truth is known—silence alone remains
The mind alone that appears as all this
Ceaseless and endless creative activity
On account of nescience it deludes one
Into thinking that it is real or unreal
Wise men do not desire action
Seeking to do for some purpose
At the same time they do not desire
To either avoid or abandon action
The mind alone is the world's creator
The mind alone is the supreme person
What is done by the mind is action
What is done by the body is not action
Whatever appears in one's consciousness
Seems to come into being at once
It gets established—appearing as reality
And bears fruits too in due course
When potentialities are most subtle
It is individualized consciousness or soul
When all potentialities within cease
That itself shines as the supreme being

Raise the mind with the mind

Strive wholeheartedly with the mind
To make the mind take to the pure path
With the self make the self
Tread the path of purity
This forest known as world-appearance
Should be cut down at its very root
With the sharp axe of enquiry
To be free of it eternally
All beings have arisen in the absolute
When there was the slightest disturbance
Within—in its equilibrium
Just as waves rise on the ocean's surface
When all selfish action has ended
The individual mind ceases to be
This is seen in the liberated sage
His action becomes no action
Concepts have arisen somehow
It is accidental coincidence
In a moment of self-forgetfulness
Consciousness viewed itself as the object
When the mind is deeply observed
It gets absorbed into its substratum
When it is thus absorbed
There is supreme felicity
Whatever be the mind's origin
It matters not really at all
Instead direct it towards liberation
Through untiring, relentless self-effort
Behold the play of ignorance
It makes one hurt oneself by oneself
Making one run hither and thither
In meaningless panic of no importance
The instruments of action, action and doer
Birth, death, existence and phenomena
All this and everything is Brahman
Nothing else exists—even in imagination
This world is nothing more than an idea
All the objects seen are ideas too
Reject all errors of ideation and be free
Remain rooted in truth and attain peace
You are ever free—even right now
Why call yourself bound and grieve?
The self is infinite and absolute
Why, how and by whom is it bound?
Depending upon its intensity
The size of the object influenced
The mind does the needful in time
It can do anything and everything
Only those who've not cultivated wisdom
Are adversely affected by bad luck and fate
But those in whom wisdom has blossomed
Are unaffected by adversity and don't panic
When evil tendencies bind one tight
It shows in one's conduct and words
Weeping silently and remorsefully later
Does not help till one is ready to change
World-appearance is the play of the mind
The mind a play of the supreme being
Mind is the atmosphere, sky, earth and wind
Mind is the whole world—mind is great
As one bound to a pillar does not move
One bound to reality is fixed in it
He alone is a human being
Others fall short of the mark
When one severs the root of the mind
With the weapon of non-conceptualization
One reaches the absolute Brahman
Omnipresent and supreme peace
When the mind is deprived of its restlessness
It is referred to as the 'dead' mind
That itself is penance or tapas
Verification of the scriptures and liberation
Do not become inactive
What is gained by doing nothing?
What has to be done has to be done
Rest in the self while being active
A life-size painting of a person
Is unable to perform his duties
Ignorance or mental conditioning
Is incapable of intelligent function
The firm conviction 'I am this individual'
Is the chain that binds the mind
The mind is liberated by the firm conviction
Everything is Brahman—the absolute
Do not let your mind wander about
Dwelling on thoughts and ideas
Strive to be conscious of the self
If you wish to enjoy lasting peace
In all experiences of joy and sorrow
In all hallucinations and imaginations
It is the mind that does everything
The mind experiences all—mind is man
Sevenfold is the delusion that veils
Seed state of wakefulness, wakefulness
Great wakefulness, wakeful dream
Dream, dream wakefulness and sleep

Seven Planes of Wisdom

Knowing these seven states of wisdom
Not intellectually but in the deepest way
You will not be caught in delusion
And cross the shores to freedom's banks
Pure wish or intention is the first
The spirit of inquiry is the second
When the mind becomes subtle is the third
Establishment in truth is the fourth
Total freedom from attachment is the fifth
Cessation of objectivity is the sixth
A state beyond all these is the seventh
Try hard to climb to the uppermost rung

The Infinite

In the infinite self there is no creator
No creation, no worlds, no heaven
No humans, no demons, no bodies
No elements, no time, no existence, no destruction
No 'you', no 'I', no self, no that, no this
No truth, no falsehood—none of these
No notion of diversity, no contemplation
And there is no enjoyment either
The power of nescience is capable
Of creating a total confusion
Between the real and the unreal
Life has to be lived most carefully
Nescience and the self are unrelated
Only the similar can be related
This is obvious in everyone's experience
We know this from our daily lives
In the middle between sight and seen
Is a relationship known as seer
Abolish the division between seer, sight and seen
That is supreme, the absolute—Brahman
As long as this illusion is grasped
It generates this great delusion
But once it is clearly understood
It is seen as the infinite, and source of joy

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