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Inner Journey


Inner Journey is the second in the series, ‘Study’.

The Yoga Vasistha is a mighty scripture that has long been the mainstay of those sincere seekers. It is a lengthy scripture in the form of a dialogue between sage Vasistha and Rama. Today, we have good translations in English and concise versions which make it much easier to access.

Poetry is an excellent medium to highlight subtle teachings as it is not bound by the rules of grammar. Using fewer words, the focus can be sharper on what the words point to rather than the words themselves.

I have already rendered what I’ve felt were the important verses in poem in line with the flow of the scripture. It was felt to find a way to distil the earlier effort further and bring out the Yoga Vasistha’s teachings on different themes in such a way that one feels directly engaged with sage Vasistha.

Today, let’s approach this mighty scripture with some questions ourselves. In study, the questions must be ours or we will always stand outside the teaching and it will not help. We are not studying the scripture but through the scripture, trying to understand ourselves and the world around us. Our journey today will take us through three main topics, ending with Vasistha’s Final Teachings.

I. The Quest: Self-realization

II. The Help: Four Sentinels

Self-knowledge: your foremost duty

Four Gate-Keepers to Liberation

III. The Path: Ignorance to Wisdom

The seven states of wisdom

The text of the entire poem will also be available right here as a webpage soon. In the mean time, you can see the video on YouTube, download the video, audio or pdf from the links above.

Swami Suryadevananda