Song gives a very easy channel to tune into and assimilate. The teachings are woven into a simple melody which requires neither singing talent nor musical instruments. When you first begin singing these songs, you are a singer. If you are alert and non-mechanical, you’ll find yourself an active and eager listener. If you continue to be alert and enthusiastic, something wonderful happens!—with whole-heartedness and vigilance, nearly effortlessly the meaning becomes clearer and sort of melts within. You’ll come to know this well.

Larger Songs

Sangeeta Vedanta: Vedanta in Song - based on the Vivekachudamani or The Crest-Jewel of Discrimination by Sankaracharya - in English. (With an introduction by Dr. Medha Sachdev Ph.D.) Download the eBook in pdf here.

Vishnusahasranama in Song - The thousand names of the Lord are thousand ways back to the Sun, back to the Lord. Bhishma's answer to the two most important questions are now in a simple and inspiring song - in English. Download the eBook in pdf format here.

Individual Songs

Birthday Song: Here is an inspiring song set to a simple tune that can be sung on biological birthdays and at anytime - for a spiritual birthday. Download the pdf text here / see and hear this song in a video on YouTube here.

Why are you asleep? English rendering of the words of Sree Ravi Daas from the 14th century. Download the pdf text here.