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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter IV: Dealing with Existence (...continued)

5. Kaca's Song

I am the Fullness

What shall I do? Where shall I go?
What to hold? What to renounce?
The entire universe is permeated
By the one self—the self is the all
Unhappiness and happiness are self
Desires are empty voids that appear
Having known all this by direct experience
I'm free from sorrow's grip while still living
Everywhere I go I move within self
Everything that exists is self alone
I myself exist as this universe
I am the cosmic ocean's fullness

Vasistha's Insight

As Kaca sang he intoned the holy OM
Which resounded like a bell everywhere
Inside and outside did not exist for him
Remaining fully absorbed in the self right there
Living beings are natural in world-appearance
But all of this is in infinite consciousness only
As ripples and waves in the great ocean
Non-different though they are seen to exist
Some beings are born with a purer nature
Having turned away from impurity earlier
Others have degrees of impurity
As they still continue to function impurely
Purity is firm rootedness in the truth
Infinite consciousness is the only reality
Impurity is total forgetfulness of truth
Pursuing pleasures with different excuses
The pure have abandoned thoughts and desires
The impure still seem them worth pursuing
They continue to live in delusion by choice
Abandon all thoughts and notions and be free
Let there be unbroken self-inquiry
Who am I? How has all this arisen?
Abandon egoism and all attraction
Realize the truth as divisionless
The same consciousness illumining the sun
Dwells in the little worm that crawls around
Relentlessly inquire into the nature of truth
The holy ones and scriptures are great help
Approach the teacher—wise and capable
He must be free from all pleasure craving
Study the self with the aid of scriptures
Practice the great yoga and realize the self
Only a person intelligent like you, O Rama
Good natured and with equal vision
Is entitled to behold the wisdom unfolded here
You are already liberated—live like one!


End of Chapter IV

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