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Hillsborough River Rapids

It is not common to have rapids this far south in Florida and though these are small rapids, they, along with the unique foliage of Florida, make it a very inspiring place to visit.

Today, I felt to visit and pray with kirtan. For the most part, I held the camcorder in my lap, hence the shakes and poor voice quality as the sound of nature was overwhelming like it should be.

Please excuse the shakiness and sound quality. The sounds of nature are much better anyways.

Found the spot for kirtan

Some thoughts on kirtan

Kirtan is prayer through the medium of song, without the 'prayer element', it is nothing but song, just like any other song.

The heart has to pray, to commune with the Lord. Prayer is not asking for something, that is business and in business, there is no love. Prayer is the deepest expression of love, one that does not have the boundaries of one praying and God. This has to be felt in the heart and it cannot if you are going to plead for something as you will always stand outside.

Stillness, motion and stillnessYou do not need anything to sing kirtan, no special equipment, you do not need to know any special language or verses, you don't even need an ability to sing. Just sing the names of the Lord sweetly, let the heart plunge you lower, into the depths of being where there are no barriers.


Movement rises and subsides in stillness

A little north of the rapids, the water gets very still and then a gentle movement stirs within it. It gains momentum and then we see the beautiful rapids just a little distance south.

The beautiful movement is like a performance of nature, for its own self and any who wish to behold it.

The river dances in this stretch and then resumes flowing and returns back to relative stillness.