Kirtans, Songs and Prayers

1. Kirtan at Hillsborough River - see video on YouTube here. (3 June 2013)

Click here to see the video on YouTubeIt is not common to have rapids this far south in Florida and though these are small rapids, they, along with the unique foliage of Florida, make it a very inspiring place to visit.

Today, I felt to visit and pray with kirtan. For the most part, I held the camcorder in my lap, hence the shakes and poor voice quality as the sound of nature was overwhelming like it should be.

Please excuse the shakiness and sound quality. The sounds of nature are much better anyways.

2. Birthday Song - download pdf here / see video on YouTube here. (4 June 2013)

Click here to see the video on YouTubeYour biological birthday falls once a year and reminds you that another year has gone into the pages of history and you have used up one more year of your lifespan. If there has been inner ascent, the past year has been put to good use.

In this song, I would like to touch on the many ways to renew ourselves within and in doing so, have a string of birthdays that are not reminders of time lapsed but of inner ascent.

This song is set to a very simple tune of a kirtan or singing the Lord’s Name. This will also form the chorus of the song, something we can sing together each time we come to it. With God, all things are possible. Let us begin…

Here is an inspiring song set to a simple tune that can be sung on biological birthdays and at anytime - for a spiritual birthday. Why not give yourself the best present today?