Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation (continued)

4. Liberated Ones 

Liberated While Living  

Some liberated ones teach others
Leading an apparently normal life
Never affected by pleasure or pain
These are called jivanmuktas
Awake to the truth while still living
Never awake to the clatter of the world
Their wisdom is never clouded at all
As latent tendencies have been eliminated
They only appear to like and to dislike
But they’re free from these in reality
Free from egotism and volition
Fearing none, none fear them at all
Their intelligence is always unattached
Whether in action or inaction
They attain to the state of videhamukta
When the body is shed in its due time

Liberated Without Body-Consciousness

The videhamuktas are fully liberated
Like the shining sun, living divinities
Pure cosmic consciousness in the flesh
The essence of all, all things is he
All that is past, present or future
Beyond these and all of eternity
Are those attaining the highest state
All reside in them, they are the all 

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