Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

6b. Lifespan

Short in duration is this lifespan
Like a water droplet on a leaf
This lifespan is only fruitful to those
Who have attained self-knowledge
Blowing winds we may encompass
Indivisible space we may divide
Waves we may thread into a garland
But hopes on this lifespan are futile
One tries vainly to extend his life
Only to increase sorrow and suffering
Only those who strive to know the self
Can hope to have some real gain
Knowledge and wisdom are burdens
To the unwise, full of desires
Mind and lifespan are burdens too
To the restless, without self-knowledge
The rat of time gnaws at lifespan
Termites of disease eat one's vitals
Just as a cat hungrily eyes the rat
Death hungrily eyes this lifespan

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