Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation

7. The Story of Lila (continued) 

Inner Journey 1

Sarasvati and Lila sat in deep meditation
Giving up all notions of the world
They rose above body consciousness
And roamed freely in their wisdom bodies
It seemed they traveled very far
They were still in the very same room
But on another plane of consciousness
Lila beheld what Sarasvati's mind revealed
They saw oceans, mountains and celestials
Kingdom of the gods, sky and earth's bowel
Lila beheld her very own house too
Then entered the house of the holy man
His family was deeply in mourning
The atmosphere was sad and gloomy
By yoga practice Lila's thoughts materialized
She and Sarasvati appeared as normal women
They could not hide their radiance
Which brightly illumined the room
Lila asked the eldest son the cause
Of sorrow that seemed to afflict all there
The son replied "'twas was parents’ death
Both lived exemplary righteous lives
Both died and departed at the same time"
Lila relieved his sorrow by her blessing
Lila asked Sarasvati how it could be
They were seen here by this family
Not her husband the king earlier
Ruling a kingdom when they visited
Sarasvati replied to Lila's question
"Earlier you held on to the notion
'I am Lila'—this you have now let go
And overcome body consciousness
Till consciousness of all duality
Is dispelled from the heart completely
You cannot act in infinite consciousness
You cannot even understand it a little
Now that you've abandoned duality
You'll be able to deal with your husband
As you did before but without slipping
Into the snare of worldly thinking
There is no distance in the spiritual plane
Everything is right here all the time
But in the physical plane it is not so
Millions of miles separate the planes
In the majestic infinite consciousness
Universes come and go in each atom
Like specks of dust in beams of light
Shining through a hole in the roof"

Lila Recollects 

O Divinity! All glory be to thee
I remember now all 800 births
As insects, animals, male and female
Some rich, poor, evil and others good

Vasistha's Comments 

Infinite consciousness has no barriers
No universe exists nor any galaxies
Sarasvati and Lila remained within
The space in Lila's inner apartment
It was there that the holy man
Became king and ruled his realm
All happened in pure space itself
No universe, no distance and no barriers
On account of intense yogic practice
Lila acquired knowledge of threefold time
She expressed her recollection to Sarasvati
In the same space of her inner apartment

Lila's Observations 

Here, in the space the size of a thumb
We imagined my husband's kingdom afar
Though we are both pure consciousness
My husband and kingdom seem distant
Truly marvelous this mysterious power
Maya, a force that deludes the wise too
I would like to enter the capital
Where my husband now does rule

Inner Journey 2 

Both rose into space, seeing all creation
Beyond which was pure consciousness
Essential nature of being consciousness
Thus all forms arise and return in it
Countless universes exist in creation
Very different they are in every way
Different divinities preside over them
Different too are their inhabitants
Since consciousness exists everywhere
Creation and dissolution are perpetual
All held together by a mysterious power
One consciousness alone exists, in it all is
Lila then saw her palace's inner apartment
Where the dead king lay buried under flowers
Intensely wishing to see him once again
She soared through this realm to where he was
A mighty king from a nearby kingdom
Was laying siege to her husband's realm
A fierce battle ensued as they approached
And beheld her husband with his war council

Vasistha's Comments 

It is impossible for one rooted in the idea
'I am the body' to pass into subtlety
This innermost conviction is the obstruction
When this is absent, all limitations are too
As water remains water and flows down
Fire remains fire and always rises up
So also consciousness always remains
Pure consciousness always unchanged
As is the understanding so is the mind
Understanding is what is called mind
However its direction can be changed
With great and unrelenting effort
Everyone's consciousness is similar
In nature and power as consciousness
Idea of the world and people does differ
This is called understanding or the mind
All wake up in their understanding
To a very different mental creation
Though creation is the same for everyone
The inner world is what all are looking at    

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