Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation 

7. The Story of Lila (continued) 

Inner Journey 2 (continues) 

Both entered the king’s apartment
Goddess Sarasvati blessed the king
Inspired he recollected previous lives
And asked Sarasvati about the mystery
"It has been one day since I last died
How come I've lived in this new body
A very full life for seventy years
Pray goddess, kindly enlighten me"
Sarasvati smiled and replied to the king
"All that you are seeing right here
Manifested where you last did die
In the hut of the holy man on the hill
That is his world and in that world
Is the world of king Padma too
Where you find yourself living in
Thinking and relating in one way
These are my relatives, kith and kin
These are my friends and enemies
I am ruling and governing this realm
Now seeing and receiving instruction
All this took no time to happen
Just as things appear in a dream
Unborn and imperishable you are
Your notions are your bondage
The wise see only pure consciousness
The ignorant see and experience differences
A long dream is this entire universe
'Tis the ego that fancies dream as real
O king you shall die in this war
Then regain your previous kingdom
Returning to your previous status
Family, ministers and surroundings
We shall go now as we came
All must follow their own course
For the nature of motion does differ
In a horse, an elephant and a camel
A courtier appeared at that very time
Bringing the news of impending destruction
The king bowed and excused himself
Leaving his wife to attend to both
The king's wife looked exactly like Lila
Younger as she looked in her youth
The ministers in the court right there
Were exactly the same as in her realm
"What is the secret of all of this
How come they are in both places
If they be reflections of our fancy
Are they sentient or conscious beings?"
Sarasvati replied to dispel Lila's doubts
"The vision arising within oneself
Is what is immediately experienced
Both vision and experience are consciousness
'Tis because of all being consciousness
Everything takes place so instantly
A mere thought causes worlds to arise
Time, space and objectivity do not hinder
What is reflected in one's consciousness
Is what is seen outside as well
This objective world being experienced
Is really no more than that in a dream
In both states of waking and dream
There is no reality to the experienced
Both are reflections within oneself
Both worlds exist in oneself too
In life, death does not exist
In death, life does not exist either
That which holds together either experience
Is absent in the other, making it thus
Whether ether is real or not real
One cannot say with surety
The substratum from which all emerge
Is the only sure eternal reality
In Brahman does the universe exist
As an idea, just as a snake in a rope
Neither real nor unreal is it
Just as the individual's existence
Each experience their own desires
Some old and some new wishes too
Experiences are sometimes similar
But sometimes they are dissimilar too
All experiences appear to be real
As these ministers and the queen
All exist as reflections in consciousness
You, me and others—know and rest in peace
The queen's wife too was named Lila
Let's call her the second Lila here
She expressed her doubts to Sarasvati
Hoping for clarification to the mystery
"O divinity, I used to worship Sarasvati
You look like her, I presume you are her
Please grant that when my husband dies
I may accompany him wherever he goes"
Sarasvati then spoke to the second Lila
"You have indeed worshiped me devoutly
Therefore I grant this boon you seek
To accompany your husband after his death"
The first Lila asked goddess Sarasvati
"Your words always do come true
Why did you not allow me to travel
Between planes with the same body?"
Sarasvati replied to the first Lila
"I do not really do anything at all
Each earn their state by their deeds
I preside over the intelligence of all beings
I am the power in consciousness
Its life-force too I am as well
Forms taken by each one's energy
Does fructify in due course of time
You longed for liberation—attained it
You may consider this as either
Fruit of austerity or your worship
Bestowed by Pure Consciousness
All bestowal is by consciousness
Just as fruit that falls from above
It only seems to fall from the sky
It is the tree that really bestows it"
The battle grew fierce as they talked
Watching the war from the palace
The king joined the ranks and the fight
Missiles and weapons clouded the air
The second Lila then asked Sarasvati
"How is it that though blessed by you
The king is unable to win this war
And death is his fate certainly?”
Sarasvati replied to the second Lila
"The king was indeed blessed by me
His prayer was not for victory in battle
I grant the deepest prayers of all
I am the indwelling consciousness
Whatever a person asks of me
That fruit I do bestow on him
Just as fire gives heat quite naturally
The attacking king prayed for victory
Victory he will attain in this battle
Your husband will be slain in this war
Rejoin you and soon attain liberation"
Just then the king was slain in battle
The second Lila fell unconscious at this
The first Lila said to goddess Sarasvati
"My husband is about to give up the ghost"
Sarasvati replied to the first Lila
"There's neither a kingdom nor the earth
The terrible war is as real as a dream
All this is only in your own palace
There is the world of king Padma
There is all of your own world too
The entire universe is there as well
In the house of the holy man on the hill
Uncreated, indestructible is Reality
That is the only Reality there is
That infinite consciousness is perceived
As the universe by the ignorant
As a city exists within the dreamer
Worlds exists in a small atom
There are atoms in these worlds
These atoms have worlds in them too
The second Lila who fell unconscious
Has already reached king Padma's body
Which lies covered in flowers, as you left him
You are both dream-objects of the king
We have created each other in our fancy
All in the undivided pure consciousness
One who knows this does renounce
Objects of perception very naturally
The youthful Lila was indeed yourself
To be with the king was her prayer
Hence she left before the king did die
And is with him again as was her prayer
You are individualized consciousness
Cosmic consciousness am I my dear
I make all these things happen
All in undivided pure consciousness"

Vasistha's Comments 

The second Lila rose into the sky
Met her daughter and proceeded
Across the oceans into consciousness
To where her husband the king was
Countless universes in consciousness
Unknowing of each other's existence
The second Lila felt most fortunate
Blessed to reunite with her husband  

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