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Living Meditation by Swami SuryadevanandaLiving Meditation

The Path and Some Essentials

This series has two segments that flow into each other. This first segment is on the path ahead and four important markers. We start with sharpening the edge and use the field of life to do what needs to be done without the interference of thought. This weakens and exhausts conditioning and it becomes easier to realize our distinctness from thought in a way that lasts beyond the different practices. The inner center of gravity has now shifted from thought to consciousness and conditions are ripe for self-inquiry.

The second segment is on some essentials while on the path, first of all being a hunger for change which has to be one born of direct examination of things as they are and not unfavorable conditions. When the danger is clearly seen as within, consciousness or awareness is roused into action and empowered in an act of self-surrender or vigilance that itself keeps thought from interfering in life. A new way of living ensues as this awareness perceives and acts directly, engaging each situation and disregarding our hidden likes and dislikes. Staying the course a little, one experiences significant lightness within as the content of our mind's burden is thought and it is gradually diffused. Still one knows that danger lurks deeper and now sees clearly that its interference must not happen and one's resolve to stay the course deepens to the degree of relentless perseverance where one is ready to pay any price along the way.

The Path...

1. Sharpening the Edge (1 September 2012)

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2. Thought and Action (2 September 2012)

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3. Consciousness and Thought (3 September 2012) 

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4. Consciousness Realizing Itself (3 October 2012) 

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Some Essentials...

5. Real Hunger for Change (15 October 2012) 

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6. Unceasing Vigilance (1 November 2012) 

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7. Relentless Perseverance (28 November 2012) 

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