Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation

8. The Mystery of Time

A Limitation in Thought

Thought is real expression
'Tis also what is experienced
Suffering seems to linger on
Joy seems to flee speedily
Indweller of all is intelligence
The world you see, its appearance
Infinite consciousness alone exists
Creation is a word implying just this
Within itself the infinite sees
Infinity as it were, its own self
The unreal divisions that are seen
Are notions, the seeds of space
Because the substratum is real
Space too appears very real
Giving illusions of separateness
Between elements within itself
Time too arose as a notion
The smallest unit that could be
To epochs extending into infinity
All within infinite consciousness
This creation so very real you see
Is itself infinite consciousness
Spread out as space and as time
All limbs as it were in eternity
Creation exists as a reflection
Within pure infinite consciousness
Brahman is the only reality
This world’s but a notion within itself
Nothing created, nothing ends
One alone appears as many
Brahman is all, all is verily He
Worlds arise and fall in Him
The notions that we cling to
Rooted in 'I am this'—the ring leader
Resolutely turning away from this
Is movement towards liberation
Direct realization must be had
For end of suffering in samsara
Infinite consciousness the substratum
Omnipresent, the only reality

World Appearance

All epochs of time are penetrated
By the infinite consciousness
Time is threaded and animated
By the power of infinite consciousness
Indivisible consciousness and its power
Existence and consciousness absolute
Supreme animator of all you see
Distinctions are only in communication
Awareness of infinite consciousness
Of its own infinite power as itself
Absolute power determining all
'Tis also known as divine dispensation
Absolute power cannot be set aside
Even by gods let alone humans
Self-effort must never be given up
'Tis what blossoms as fruition
Remaining idle and waiting for fruit
Has never resulted in anything at all
Superconscious state or liberation
Is attained by tremendous effort only
Infinite consciousness appears as all
Indivisible form it’s absolute power
All differences live in ignorant minds
Never in sages or men of wisdom
In the mirror of infinite consciousness
World appearances are reflections
These are the world and individuals
Countless reflections in consciousness
Little ripples in the vast ocean
Rising and falling in the infinite
Or as a very slight agitation
Of a candle flame in a windless room
The slightest agitation or movement
Bursts into universes and galaxies
When fed by latent impressions
As flames' contact with the flammable
Egotism and notions quickly arise
As do the natural elements
Condensing quickly and taking form
All vibrations in pure consciousness
The world exists within the mind
It seems real due to confusion
'Tis a dream in infinite consciousness
Creating the illusion of duality
The one has not become many
Diversity is an appearance in it
The individual sees diversity as real
Due to limitations in consciousness
The duality the mind perceives
Is in the perceiving mind alone
When the mind drops this perception
There is neither duality nor unity
When you become firmly established
In oneness of infinite consciousness
Lead then an active or quiet life
You will be at peace within yourself
All objects that one perceives
Are agitations within the mind
Consciousness appears as objects
Delusion based on ignorance
Direct realization of the Self
Alone can break the delusion
Of world-appearance as reality
It is the only way beyond samsara
When self-knowledge arises in one
Craving for anything cannot arise
How can one crave anything
When all things are one's self alone
Till self-knowledge does arise
Refuse to fulfill all craving
Let craving rise and let it fall
What is the difficulty in this
The agitation created by the mind
When it entertains notions of objects
Gives rise instantly to appearances
Which solidify and are experienced
When thought does not see truth
It entertains notions of separateness
Feeling 'I am' and 'this is mine'
Facing the darkness of its ignorance
Beyond waking, dreaming and sleep
Is a fourth state of uncontradicted truth
Absolute purity of consciousness
Establish here and go beyond sorrow
Brahman is the causeless cause
Discover this by self-inquiry
Know directly that world-appearance
Is nothing but Brahman—the Absolute

The Reality of Appearance

Entertaining notions of elements
The mind transforms into them
It then acquires sense organs
Transformations of the mind alone
There are no causal connections
Between the mind and senses
They come about by coincidence
Just thought and manifestation
First cosmic being thus manifests
And creates the various objects
Uttering the sacred sound 'Om'
All by an act of pure willing
Creations appear ever so real
But nothing has really been created
All distinctions are only illusions
Reflections in pure consciousness
Hear now an ancient legend
In connection with this thought
Story of the demoness Karkati
And ponder the message within


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