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On the lighter side - from my blog

Nothing ordinary (1 March 2014)

Giving every work, menial or ‘special’ is what makes every work an outpouring of the soul as it musters all one’s ability and heart. Really, there is nothing menial or mundane – these are attitudes we take towards this and that. Meniality and mundaneness are attitudes of the mind, manifest in action. We can make our lives rich, vibrant and ever fresh if we give every action – cleaning, chores, service to others, asanas, kirtan and finally meditation – every action a total action – involving ever blessed ounce of ourselves as if it were the very last thing we would do in this life – we will slip off patches of dry land into the abyss of yoga. If we can learn to give a simple asana everything we have got – we will learn to gather the rays of the mind and asana will lead to meditation. All the gizmos we have today distract the mind as one reaches for a water bottle, wipes and other accessories so much so that the asana stays in the realm of ‘doing’ and never becomes an expression of ‘being’ – asana stays asana and yoga stays out of reach.  Every blessed action has the potential for being yoga or an expression of being through doing. Doing is the doorway to the realm of being if we will only allow ourselves this.

Swami Suryadevananda