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On the lighter side - from my blog

Our problems (6 March 2014)

Our problems are not because of anyone, any condition or anything outside – they are our reactions to them. What are these reactions in the first place? The conditioning that each person has accumulated, revisited and therefore strengthened acquires a sense of ‘ourselves’ because we gather them and nourish them. This bundle of conditioning becomes like another ‘you’ that wants to act when conditions associated with them in conditions that favor them and these need not be physical or material – they can be psychological or in the mind only.

Say you have strong feelings about something or someone and your thoughts drift towards this thing or person – you will instantly experience your own feelings about the thing or person as they become indistinguishable from what you think about. This feeling experienced, bubbles to the surface of the mind and tries to expand further.

Unceasing vigilance is necessary so all and any movement in the mind place is watched. This keeps the rising impressions which have been infused with feelings (yoga calls these vrittis) in an objective status as you – the observer is the subject. These vrittis cannot act if they are detected by direct observation – they must somehow assume ‘you’ or subjecthood to act.

So, just how do we somehow slip and give way to conditioning to take the driver’s seat and act? And, what can we do to prevent this? We have already discussed ‘why’ this slip must be prevented as this is how reactions happen and our problems are our reactions experienced. Kindly give this some thought and let’s look into this tomorrow.

Swami Suryadevananda