Poems and songs are the expression of the heart and soul. They are not bound by rules of language and small sentences can be used to emphasize the thought itself. Shorter poems are listed in the years in which they were written. Larger poems are included under poetical writings - they are also eBooks. This page contains an index of the poems that appear on them.

Larger Poetical Writings

Essential Yoga Vasistha ... 3 February 2013 New!

(Download: pdf for print / eBook for readers)

Yoga Vasistha in Poem ...25 December 2012

(Download: pdf for print / eBook for readers)

Smaller Poems

Till Foolishness is Abandoned ...12 February 2012

Can the Heart Expand to This? ...12 February 2012

A Part of Apart ... 30 May 2011

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary ... 12 June 2011

To Give is to Get ... 15 September 2011

The Heart that Cooks is Original ...25 November 2011

Discover, Polish and Restore ... 8 December 2011

The Inner Journey ... 6 August 2010

Space ... 22 September 2010

Earlier poems from 2009

Earlier poems from 2008

Earlier poems from 2007