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Prayer – a new video has joined YouTube and the website. The source and inspiration for this offering is the inspiring book by Gurudev Swami Sivananda, ‘In the Hours of Communion’. I am grateful to The Divine Life Society for their kind permission to use this work in this sharing.

Prayer is very simple and elevating as is all heart to heart communication. It is even simpler than heart to heart communication as the source of your heart’s outpouring is not someone or something ‘other’ or even ‘apart’ from you. This is precisely the reason prayer seems unnatural as our minds have grown so accustomed to talking to others who are apart from us in some way. We are slightly guarded even in close relationships – not because we don’t trust those we consider close but people are much more sensitive today.

A little more about this book

In his book, ‘In the Hours of Communion’, Gurudev Swami Sivananda has by his pithy and aphoristic writings thrown light on this inner language of the heart in such a way that we once again remember and delight in love’s language through which we enter into communion with God. The book is very inspiring because it is not theory but little beams of light on areas which at once enable this heart to heart communion.

What is it that you talk about with God aside from asking for his help? It is not wrong to ask for God’s help but most of what we ask for is relief from conditions of which we ourselves are the cause. If we were not to ask God for anything – what would you have to say to God? Have you ever pondered what it would feel like to just sit with God and let your heart love and adore him?

From the book, 'In The Hours of Communion' by Sri Swami Sivananda

This book has very insightful hints on just how to go about this and make prayer which is communion or a spiritual embrace with God natural for you. This little book contains the most beautiful prayers in prose, verse and song for a wide variety of topics including what to really ask for and just pouring your heart to God in the simplest language. The book concludes with a few beautiful essays on prayer.

Friends, I can assure you that this book will raise your heart and spirits at once and if you follow the simple hints and instructions – you will awaken and ignite in the innermost reaches of being which will delight in the moments of communion.

Today, let us touch on some of the topics of the book lightly and then pray together with 12 prayers from this wonderful book: 9 Universal Prayers and 3 Vedantic Prayers. You may have heard and even know the Universal Prayer by Swami Sivananda but there are many more – let us pray with these together today. The first part of this video is a heart to heart talk on some of the topics of the book. The second part is prayer together with 12 prayers. With the kind permission of The Divine Life Society, the text for these 12 prayers will be on the website. The book is in print and can be ordered online.

Let us proceed with this flow

It does not matter if you do not have them in front of you just now as you can sit while you hear the words and let the feelings contained in the words rise in your heart and soul. Once you hear and let the heart and soul respond to Swami Sivananda’s prayers – you will want to sit regularly as your heart and soul will once again remember love’s language and the even deeper language of silence.

The video, its corresponding audio and text of prayers can be downloaded from the website. Soon, I will also have just the prayer portion available in video and audio for those wishing to make praying together regular.

Let us pray

Swami Suryadevananda

31 May 2014

A passage from Universal Prayer No. 6 by Gurudev Swami Sivananda

Note: ‘In the Hours of Communion’ by Sri Swami Sivananda can be ordered from the online bookstore of The Divine Life Society at: dlshq.org by clicking on the ‘Books on Yoga, Philosophy and Religion’ link and searching for 'In the Hours of Communion', or clicking here.