It is important to pray, not to say prayers - but to pray - as important as breathing as the soul breathes through prayer and meditation. We need prayer, not to ask but as a reaching from the soul to its infinite dimension - we call God - lovingly by different names. All that does not matter, any approach will do as long as it is not an activity among others but a vital need of 'being' that will not rest till it is fulfilled - just like the river never rests till it reaches the ocean. ( 8x10 image here / wide image here)

Universal Prayers

Prayer No. 1 ... 29 April 2012 / download pdf

Prayer No. 2 ...1 June 2012 / download pdf

Other Prayers

A Seeker's Prayer ... 2 March 2013 / download pdf

Prayers to Lord Siva

Lord Siva

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This book is a compilation from many sources in the public domain. There are many versions of prayers and hymns which are found in different sources with slight variations. This should not affect the sincere seeker, as the heart that prays does not get caught up in slight differences here and there. I have made some minor adjustments to the translation and transliteration to reduce duplicity and to make it more readable. An appendix at the end has some notes that may be useful. It has been returned to the public domain for use by all. I am most thankful to all who have helped in making this sharing possible.

(Note: webpages for each prayer are not ready, kindly download the eBook from the links above)