Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

5. Rama's Condition

O king said the royal attendants
Rama has changed so drastically
He seems dejected and shuns company
The king now inquired even further
The chamberlains said Rama had changed
Since returning from the long pilgrimage
He has no interest in princely ways
And shuns all entertainment as poison
He rejects all princely royal privileges
And sometimes muses to himself aloud
What is the use of wealth and fortune
All of this is unreal and sorrow giving
He remains alone contemplating silently
He seems to relish his own solitude
Ever immersed in his own thoughts
Getting more emaciated by the day
He sings to himself repeatedly
We want change but aren't willing to change
We are wasting our life in various ways
Instead of trying to reach the supreme
Seeing him and hearing his words
We too are all greatly distressed
He seems bereft of hope and desires
Not deluded, not enlightened either
He says there is no use in any of these
Wealth, family and even kingdom
All the ambition in the world
O king, please do find his remedy
Sage Vishvamitra then interceded
He requested for Rama's presence
Knowing dispassion born of wisdom
Had blossomed leading to enlightenment
Just then Rama himself appeared in court
Saluting and offering his respects to all
His face shone with peace of maturity
The king, his father, welcomed him warmly
Dear son do kindly explain to us
What is it that seems to sadden you
Dejection is an invitation to misery
The wise sages nodded in agreement

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