Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

6. Rama's Observation of Life

O sages, happy indeed was childhood
The best of teachers instructed me
But a trend of thought recently arisen
Has taken a hold of me completely
My heart questions what happiness is
How it can be had in the changing world
All beings are born to die in this world
And all die to be born again as well
What is the meaning in all this change?
Why do we suffer and sin endlessly?
Unrelated beings come together
The mind conjures relationships strangely
Everything verily depends on the mind
And its ever changing attitude to all
But this very mind appears unreal
When inquired into quite seriously
We are running after a mirage foolishly
Living without freedom in slavery
Wandering the world's forest aimlessly
Witnessing the dance of birth and death
How does this suffering finally end?
Is there a way out of life's bondage?
Though I shed no tears externally
My heart cries and bleeds profusely

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