Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation (continued)

5. Reality and Appearance  


Absolute itself is liberation
Absolute is the only existence
Perception only seems to exist
Being never becomes anything
Gold is the substance of ornaments
Water, the substance of waves
The substance of all of creation
Is Brahman, the changeless Absolute
Beginningless ignorance is mere perception
End this with inquiry into truth
What has come to be must end as well
What has always been will always be
Creation disappears during dissolution
The changeless infinite alone remains
Uncaused, uncreated, cause of all
The Eternal is indeed the heart of all
Creation appears in the infinite
It submerges in the infinite as well
The infinite always remains the same                     
With or without creation's appearance      
Not realizing this is delusion
All anxieties vanish realizing this
The act of seeing—seer, sight, seen
Realize the Absolute as your Self
As all images exist in an uncarved block
So does creation exist in the infinite
Difficult to express how this is so
As illustrations have their limitations
Nothing emerges, nothing submerges
The Absolute alone exists unchanged
Our feelings of the void get in the way
Of understanding fullness in emptiness
Pure spirit, self-luminous, is the Absolute
Illuminator of all and every thing
'Tis not possible for one to realize
The Absolute can only realize itself
From the infinite, the infinite emerges
The infinite exists in it as infinity
Nothing has come to be or will cease
The changeless infinite is the reality
Eliminate objectivity from the mind
Erase the notion of the self as well
These are fuel for ideas in the mind
Which bring confusion and delusion
Neither asleep nor inert is the infinite
In it knowledge, knower and the known
Exist as one—pure intelligence
In the absence of the intellect   


A barren woman's son does not exist
Braceletness is an idea seen in gold
The world you see is inseparable
From Brahman—existence-absolute
No cause has this creation you see
No beginning has creation either
It does not exist now as reality
How can there be its destruction?
Creation is an appearance in Brahman
Thus reality as Brahman is real
But it has not existence of its own
For Brahman is the only reality
'Tis like a dream in ignorance
One appears in itself as many
Staying unchanged as one only
One alone exists, 'tis the reality 

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