Yoga Vasistha in Poem 

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation 

1. Secret of Creation

Creation as it seems to exist
And the resulting bondage
Lasts as long as you invest
Perceived objects with reality
Once the notion is removed
The bondage goes away as well
Creation, decay and death are here
As is heaven, hell and liberation
During the cosmic dissolution
Creation is resolved in the Supreme
This same infinite Supreme Self
Conceives duality within Itself
As a wave arises in the ocean
The mind arises in the Supreme
Mind is not different in quality
Or independent from the Supreme
As a mirage appears to be real
So does creation appear too
If creation was absolutely real
Its cessation would not be possible
Immutable is the law of truth
Perfectly rational to understand
The unreal hath no real existence
The real never ceases to be
Till one clings to this notion
Freedom from bondage cannot be
Merely denying it verbally
Only increases one's vanity
Austerity, meditation and practices
Cannot bring about enlightenment
As long as the heart sees creation
As something real and desirable
Samadhi too would not free one
As returning sorrows would arise
Thought's movement creating images
And notions based on its suggestions
As oil exists in sesame seeds
Essence exists in every thing
Objective perception exists in
The mind of the perceiver only
As a dreamer experiences in dream
Myriads of objects and conditions
So potentiality does manifest
As the notion of creation arises


Neither seer nor object of perception
Exist in the self-created Creator
As a painting in the mind of an artist
He shines in cosmic consciousness
Having no memory of past or karma
Having no physical body
Unborn and of spiritual substance
The physical has no cause in Him
Not created, creator of all beings
As a gold bracelet is gold only
All this manifold creation
Is spiritual without materiality


A throbbing arose in the Creator
Spread out as the wide universe
Subtle bodies of all beings came to be
Appearing real but made of thought only
Imagining these appearances to be real
Produced realistic consequences
Just as the different experiences
One has while in the dream state
A dual nature has the Creator
Of consciousness and of thought
Consciousness which is ever pure
And thought—subject to confusion
All forms are of pure intelligence
Thought creates self-forgetfulness
Intelligence freezes as physical forms
On account of the perceiver's delusion
The Creator is not subject to this
Of spiritual nature, non-material is He
Causeless therefore is this creation
Essentially spiritual as the Creator
Materiality of things is an illusion
Like castles spun in the air
All projections of one's own mind
All delusion and imagination only
Pure intelligence is the Creator's body
Mind is that pure intelligence only
Thought is inherent in the mind
Object is inherent in the perceiver
No one has ever discovered
A distinction between these as real
All projections of one's own mind
All delusion and imagination only

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