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Spiritual Practice

This short series of pointers on sadhana was originally the last work of Shankaracharya, the great exponent of Advaita Vedanta – the school of absolute monoism. He was a very prolific writer and has written commentaries on the core scriptures, along with many other smaller works. As he was getting ready to depart, disciples asked him for a simpler work that coming generation of disciples could keep close as a blueprint for practice. In five short verses containing 40 cryptic statements, we have a very well laid out, comprehensive roadmap for the earnest spiritual seeker.

Though conditions have changed, the work on hand has not and the sincere seeker today will have to find himself negotiating the same obstacles as it is not the outer that needs to worked out but the inner and that has not changed.

I’ve taken these 40 pithy sentences and put them in concise English and expressed a few pointers on them that I feel may be of use to the seeker today. The video has the main points on the screen as presentations, it is hoped that the visual will enhance learning.

Just as the original text, this series will have five videos and with eight points covered in each. My advice is not to prejudge these in light of the times today as the outer has indeed changed but the work on hand is the same. I also recommend that sincere seekers read the original with the commentaries of other noble teachers towards a better understanding.

You can download the video, its corresponding audio in mp3 and pdf handout from the links below aside from watching the videos on YouTube.

Best wishes,

Swami Suryadevananda

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1. Spiritual Practice, Part 1 (37 minutes / 15 October 2014)

(video on YouTube / download video 67mb / download audio 18mb / download pdf)

2. Spiritual Practice, Part 2 (33 minutes / 20 October 2014)

(video on YouTube / download video 59mb / download audio 15mb / download pdf)

3. Spiritual Practice, Part 3 (27 minutes / 2 November 2014)

(video on YouTube / download video 46mb / download audio 13mb / download pdf)

4. Spiritual Practice, Part 4 (32 minutes / 13 November 2014)

(video on YouTube / download video 57mb / download audio 15mb / download pdf)

5. Spiritual Practice, Part 5 (20 minutes / 7 December 2014)

(video on YouTube / download video 38mb / download audio 10mb / download pdf)