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Staying Close to God 26 March)

Remember to thank God often for taking care of you at each step. Do this by your thoughts, feelings, kind words and actions unto all. These four: your thoughts, feelings, words (spoken or communicated any other way) and actions go on throughout the day and if you can make these of a quality that are worthy of your continual gift to God – you will always feel close to God.

Others may hear or read our words and see our actions so we are careful about these. But, this carefulness though good, is calculated and therefore, devoid of changing your heart or keeping you close to God.

The inner world of thoughts and feelings are hidden from others – these are the real forms of action. It is easy to let these go unchecked as they are hidden and we may feel that they don’t hurt others but this is not true. Every thought and feeling harbored is like an arrow that is launched in the mind plane that cannot be recalled and will have consequences.

Guarding all four out of fear of consequences only goes so far as one day when things get heated up or heavy – the dam will burst and it will all spill out. There is a better way. Consider these your continual love offering to God – worship God with these flowers which have been carefully nurtured within you and offered to God within also as He is the source of your existence.

Each moment, we have the choice of how to think, feel, speak or communicate and act and if we make these our worship of God – we will always walk with Him.

When you face the light, the shadow is never seen

Offer thanks to God through your day with these four – even when things are challenging and you will find a way to deal with the most challenging without worrying or feeling down. This is a great secret of living a rich inner life: when you offer thanks to God often in the day, especially in challenging moments without asking for anything – you will feel love in your heart as this is what expressing thanks does. This love for God expressed often through the day will itself be the strength to act in a better way and what was challenging will lose its challenge – it will be just another situation to remember and love God and therefore, stay close to Him. The heart that continually loves God – does not know fear, worry or anxiety as when you face the light – the shadow is never seen.

Swami Suryadevananda