Goodness is its Own Reward - Why is it good to be good? This little story uses three scenarios to bring home the point that goodness is its own reward. When we do good, goodness resides in us and this is a reward beyond all. The biggest investment we can make is in our own selves. (download pdf)

No Darkness in Light - The presence of clouds does not diminish the luminosity of the sun. The presence of odor does not affect the fragrance of a rose. Similarly, if we can grow into and lose ourselves in goodness, it does not matter how things are or turn out. Like a lotus in a stagnant pond, we too can blossom where planted. (download pdf)

Who's Better? - Refinement is the mark of true culture. Refining is not how one dresses, acts, has or what one knows but a re-fining - making fine or smoothing out all the irregularities that separate one from everyone and everything. (download pdf)

Ask Wisely - Often, what we ask for may not be the best for us. Balance is when all things are weighed against what is really important. What good is even the good if it does not support the important? To thoroughly purify the mind is one's duty and if what we think as good agitates the mind, it can be dispensed with without hesitation. (download pdf)

By others...

At the Trunk of Maple Sapling by Sivananda-Usha - With what does a living being grow to its fullest potential?… with what can it not grow? A story, over time, told by Nature herself. (download pdf)