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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III (...continued)

11. The Story of Ahalya

Mind is the Doer

Once there lived a king and his queen
Named Indrayuma and Ahalya
Also a young man named Indra
Handsome but with loose morals
Queen Ahalya and Indra began an affair
Meeting and seeing each other often
Their relationship became public knowledge
The king was infuriated on hearing this
The king tried to punish them in many ways
Immersing them in cold and boiling water
Subjecting them to wild animals and whipping
Indra simply laughed and told the king
"O king, punishing the body is useless
As we have united in the mind
Both being mind alone, not bodies
How can your rage punish our mind?
If the mind is saturated with something
What happens to the body does not affect it
'Tis the mind that creates the body
Not the body that gives rise to the mind"
The infuriated king still persisted
Exhausting all methods to punish them
Even asking some to curse and punish
But nothing could affect the couple's minds

The Sun's Advice

The creations of the ten sons of Indu
Cannot be interfered with similarly
Besides, what do you lose to let it be
As their creations exist in their minds only
In your own consciousness create freely
Creation as you would wish it to be
As individual and infinite consciousness
Is made of the very same substance
Let the creations of these young men
Exist as it does within their minds
What harm is there at all in this
Create freely all the worlds you please



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