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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III (...continued)

10. The Story of Indu's Sons

Universes Within the Mind

After my morning prayers one day
I beheld within the infinite void
Seemingly independent universes
In each my counterpart—creators
Puzzled at seeing this in my mind
I asked the sun in one universe
About what was beheld in my mind
Universes each with their own creator

The Sun Replied

Salutations to you, O creator
The mind alone appears as all this
Ceaseless creation is its activity
Nescience makes it appear as real
In your creation once existed
A holy man named Indu and his wife
Who by the grace of Lord Siva
Was blessed with ten dutiful sons
Indu and his wife died of old age
Distressed, their sons did ponder
What to do, what is most desirable
What can get rid of our unhappiness
They saw creatorship as a solution
To suffering and anguish experienced
For it goes on as does creation
Free from suffering as it was their creation
All ten of them commenced deep meditation
On themselves as creators of their creation
After long immersion in intense meditation
They became creators of their creations
The ten creators beheld in your mind
Each with their own created universe
Are the ten sons of the holy man
And I—one sun in their creation

Brahma Asks the Sun

Ten creators have ten creations
What am I to do now, what is left
As others are doing the needful
In these acts of creating universes

The Sun Replies

No personal wishes or motives
Or desires do you have my lord
Creating is as natural to you as light is to sun
What will you gain by abandoning duty
The wise desire nothing
Nor abandon action either
They do what is felt to be natural duty
Firmly established in the eternal truth
Mind alone creates all this
Mind alone is the supreme person
What the mind does is real action
Not what seems to be done physically
When one feels 'I am the body'
He feels he is mortal and thus bound
The wise do not entertain these ideas
Eternal vigilance is avoidance of pain



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