Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Section Dealing with Creation

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7. The Story of Lila


Once lived a perfect king and queen
Both had deep spiritual aspirations too
They lived a most ideal life
Dutiful and happy in every way
One day a thought overcame queen Lila
"What if the king passes away before me?"
Life would be dull and quite dreary
I should pray to goddess Sarasvati for this
Lila propitiated goddess Sarasvati
Who appeared to her and offered boons
Lila asked the goddess for two boons
And they were granted instantly
First was that her husband should remain
In the palace even after death
Second was that goddess Sarasvati
May appear to her when remembered
After some time the king passed away
Sad with grief, she heard a voice
Cover the king's body with flowers
It will not decay or leave the palace
'Twas the voice of goddess Sarasvati
Lila beseeched her: please appear
And asked where her husband was
Now that he had died and passed away

Goddess Sarasvati Replies

O Lila hear me very attentively
There are three types of space
Psychological space, physical space
And infinite space of consciousness
To see your husband right here
Meditate intensely on the infinite space
When the finite mind travels between places
This is what exists in the middle unseen
Give up all thoughts for this realm
Realize the universe's utter non-existence
As oneness with all must be realized
To experience the realm of infinity
You will not be able to do so at present
But you can enter this realm by my grace
Meditate O Lila with all of your being
Enter the state free of all distractions

Lila's First Experience

Lila meditated deeply with all of her heart
Only by the grace of goddess Sarasvati
Entered the infinite space of consciousness
Where she beheld her husband once again
She saw him seated on the throne as king
Surrounded by ministers and other kings
She was not seen but beheld all this
Wondering as the king had passed away
Lila awoke right back in her palace
And summoned a meeting of the court
Finding the same ministers present there
Whom she had seen in her husband's court
The ministers cannot be in two places
At the same time as just experienced
Which is real and which is a reflection
As a mountain is reflected in a mirror
She sought help from goddess Sarasvati
"This world exists within the undivided
And outside here as solid matter too
Which is real and which a reflection?"
Sarasvati asked a question in return
"What do you consider real and unreal?"
Lila replied, "You are here, this to me is real
Where my husband is now seems unreal"
Sarasvati then said to Lila
"How can the unreal be an effect of the real
The effect is the cause, there’s no difference
Just as a pot that holds water is clay only."
Material effects are by material causes
Your husband's birth is without
An immediate material cause
Besides the past which is memory
Memory like space is but emptiness
All creation is an effect of that too
Your husband's birth is of memory
An illusion and effect of imagination
The story I am about to narrate
Illustrates creation’s dream-like nature
Listen carefully with rapt attention
And see what the story points out to