Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation

7. The Story of Lila (continued)

Story in a Story 

In the infinite pure consciousness,
In a corner of the creator's mind
Was an old dilapidated shrine
Covered with a blue dome
Fourteen worlds for rooms
Divisions of space for windows
Sun the light, cities like anthills
Earth for mountains, water for oceans
This is creation—'tis the universe
In a small corner lived a holy one
Dutiful with wife and children
In good health and free from fear
Witnessing a royal procession one day
A wish arose in the holy one's heart
T'would be nice to experience this
All the splendor of royalty for once
Death overtook the holy man and wife
She too had prayed to me just like you
That her husband's spirit would not leave the room
A boon which I granted to her as well as to you
The holy man had lived righteously
His merits earned his wish to experience
A life as a mighty ruler and king
This same man is your husband and king
On account of ignorance and delusion
It seems this takes place in consciousness
The kingdom appears to exist only
In the hut of the holy man on the hill
Memory of the past is well hidden
You both have risen again from a wish
All in the space of the holy one's hut
Worlds within worlds in each atom
Space and time have no fixed span
Both are appearances, both imagination
All this happens in the wink of an eye
Death, forgetfulness and reappearance
Unrelated 'tho feeling related somehow
A habit of ignorance repeating itself
Memory formed, mistaken for the real
Though path-crossing is merely coincidence
Liberation is the direct recognition
Of the utter non-existence of the world
Intellectual or mere lip denial won't do
Your heart has to grasp this as real
One infinite consciousness alone is
'Tis all thought-forms or experiences
No cause and effect relationship exist
Infinite conscious is forever in itself
Lila thanked goddess Sarasvati
For the enlightening words and instruction
Expressing a wish to see directly
The original house of the holy man

Sarasvati's Deeper Instruction

"Give up this form, attain one of light
Only Brahman can realize Brahman
My body is made of pure light—consciousness
You cannot journey deeper in your form
Body of light you must attain
To enter subtle fields to the subtlest
Attaining which you will at once see
The holy man's house on the hill
Affirm to yourself with all of your being
I shall leave this body, take one of light
With a light body, like the scent of incense
You will unite with the field of consciousness
By persistent practice of such meditation
Your body will become pure consciousness
I see my body and world as consciousness
You see body and world as made of matter
By relentless self-inquiry comes wisdom
This alone can dispel one's ignorance
Ignorance in fact does not really exist
Nor bondage or liberation—only consciousness
Dream body appears real within a dream
But vanishes completely upon awakening
Even so will the hold of the physical body
Dissolve when one's tendencies cease to be
At dream's end the physical body is seen
When tendencies stop, the ethereal one is seen
Deep sleep ensues when dream does end
When seeds of thought end there is liberation
Seeds of thought do not exist in liberation
Though the sage appears to live and think
He does not really do anything at all
He is a portal of pure consciousness

Unrelenting Practice 

Persistent practice quietens egotism
This is known as abhyasa
Thus you will rest in pure consciousness
Materiality of things will indeed vanish
Thinking of that alone in thinking
Speaking of that alone in speaking
Conversing of that alone in conversing
Utter dedication to that, the wise call abhyasa
The intellect must fill with beauty and bliss
For broadest vision where all passions cease
The world’s non-existence is then realized
The wise call this dedicated practice or abhyasa
‘This is world’, ‘This I am’, and such
These thoughts don’t arise in the mind
Thus do attraction and repulsion cease
Not by force but by wisdom's dawning"  

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