Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter II: Behavior of the Seeker

6. Study and Experience

On Study

The seeds of knowledge of scriptures
Must be sown deep in the heart
Origin and author are not important
The wisdom within is what is divine
Words of wisdom should be accepted
If they be from the mouth of youth
Unwise words should be rejected
Even if  they be from gods or any other
Listen carefully to these teachings
Let the message contained reflect within
It will lodge in your heart as wisdom
A liberated sage you shall soon be
When truth has not been experienced
Illustrations point to truth beautifully
These have a definite scope and utility
Do not stretch them beyond intention
Study this scripture again and again
Until you reach complete enlightenment
Stopping short will worsen confusion
Imperfect knowledge is perversion

On Direct Experience

As the ocean is substratum of the waves
So also experience is basis for all proofs
The substratum of experiencing intelligence
Becomes experiencer, experiencing and experience
Just as movement is inherent in air
Manifestation is in experiencing consciousness
The perceiving mind ignorantly thinks
‘I am this object’  and becomes it
What we call object or objectiveness
Is experienced in the subject only
Not experienced anywhere else at all
It is experienced in the subject only

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