Yoga Vasistha in Poem 

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation (continued)

3. The Supreme Lord 

Where does the Lord Dwell? 

He who is described as the Lord
Is the supreme indwelling intelligence
Spread out as the universe is the Lord
Though the universe you see is not He
Sentient is the universe and the individual
Who create the knowable and get bound
It is only when the knowable ceases to be
That attention flows towards the unknowable
Intellectual understanding will not do
One will still be bound by samsara
The supreme Lord must be known
For sorrow to end permanently
Him in who the universe ceases to be
Is the supreme Lord, pure consciousness
Subject-object relationships do not exist
In him the universe appears to exist  

Realizing the Lord

Only when one is firmly established
In the unreality of the universe
As the blueness of the sky appears
But one knows it is only an illusion
The supreme Lord can be realized
By direct experience in oneself
Only when all of this creation
Is found utterly non-existent
Reality of the world is a notion
Deep rooted on account of habit
Due to persistent wrong thinking
There is a remedy to overturn this
Resort to the company of holy men
Study sacred scriptures like this one
Or any other, of your own choice
Till wrong notions are loosened within
Exposure to the truth weakens notions
That have taken root in the heart
When all false notions are dispelled
One speaks of it and rejoices in it

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