Yoga Vasistha in Song

Chapter One: Dealing with Dispassion

6d. The Mind

Eclipsing self-control, it creates havoc
Destroying virtue and equanimity
All done with ego-notion is wasted
From its clutches I now seek freedom
Bereft of grace earned through service
The impure mind still drifts aimlessly
Dissatisfied with all and anything it gets
It is impossible to satisfy its appetite
This mind wanders without purpose
Unable to find happiness anywhere
Unmindful of the suffering it brings
Ruthless it is in its blind pursuits
Bound by the knots of craving am I
The net laid out by this mind only
Just as rushing rivers carry away
I feel uprooted and taken downstream
The cause of objects is the mind alone
Whatever exists in all the worlds
Is so because of mind-stuff only
Worlds vanish without this mind
Many errors result when craving surges
As darkness of ignorance eclipses wisdom
All good qualities do get dried up
The heart is hardened by craving's dance
Though I try hard to restrain craving
It insists on its own appeasement
Overpowered and carried away I am
Now I revolve pinned to craving's wheel
Like birds in a net who cannot fly
I feel trapped in the net of craving
Which runs directionless like a mad horse
Imposing a tight net of relationships
Hero converted to a coward I am
With eyes to see but blind I am
Full of joy but miserable I am
A dreadful goblin is this craving
Unable to enjoy natural pleasures
Coming unsought as gifts from above
I am made to submit to vain efforts
Leading to endless misery and suffering
Craving occupies life's stage dominantly
An aged actress incapable of performing
Dances to self-defeat and humiliation
Yet refuses to stop her painful dance
Surging to the skies at one moment
Then diving to the depths of gloom
This up and down—based on emptiness
Glory to sages, masters of the mind

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