Yoga Vasistha in Poem 

Chapter III: Dealing with Creation (Continued)

2. The Mind

What is the Mind?

Like space, mind is empty nothingness
It apprehends objects of perception
Thought is mind, mind is thought
No difference at all between these two
Self clothed in a body is known as mind
It brings about the material and physical
Including ignorance, samsara and bondage
It is experience and all that is perceived
Consciousness indwells in every atom
Non-different from the visible universe
Just as gold indwells all ornaments
Consciousness pervades all creation
Only when the objective notion
Is rejected and removed from the mind
There is realization of consciousness
Ignorance and evils cease in the heart

Overcoming the Mind

Others have overcome the mind
You too can overcome its limitations
All objectiveness is in name only
Reality is cosmic consciousness
Within this cosmic consciousness
The mind conjures diversity
Expressing and experiencing differently
Feeling bondage and need for liberation
After the cosmic dissolution
The Supreme Lord alone prevailed
Eternal, unborn and self-effulgent
Worlds appear and disappear in Him
Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient
His every thought materializes instantly
From Him emerged countless divinities
Just as rays emanating from the sun
The Supreme Self can be realized
By direct experience in oneself
Holy company and self-study
Help dispel ignorance and illusion
When inner conviction arises within
Of divine omnipresence as truth
It is then only that it is possible
To transcend sorrow and attain liberation
Austerity, penance and practices
Self-inflicted pain and charity
Will not remove one's ignorance
As craving is not eliminated by these
Firm and decisive renunciation
For all and any sort of craving
Comes naturally when real wisdom
Dawns in the heart of the sincere

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