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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter VI: Dealing with Liberation

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7. The Story of Arjuna


This world appearance or samsara
Is the original dream of the first jiva
Different from the normal dream
It is experienced as the wakeful state
Hence the wakeful state is seen
As a long dream in which we journey
From dream to dream within the dream
Till we leave the dream for our true nature
In each dream are gods and goddesses
Incarnations appear to restore order
In each dream Vishnu incarnates as Krishna
Arjuna also appears as his alter ego
Krishna and Arjuna appear as human beings
Arjuna's despondency is our inner condition
Krishna's instruction is the immortal song
Echoing the truth of soul's indestructibility

The Song Eternal

This self is unborn and indestructible
It is eternal and cannot be killed
'Tis ignorance to feel it can perish
It is infinite, immortal—that thou art
Subtler than space, it is infinite being
Just how and by whom can it be killed
None exists but the one supreme self
Self of all beings, things—existence itself

Arjuna and Us

Arjuna listened attentively to this song
His delusion gave way to inner wisdom
We have to tread the same path ourselves
Awaken from ignorance and be rid of delusion
Krishna was not just an incarnation
Appearing in time and a particular setting
Krishna is ever here, now and within
Hear ye in silence 'The Song Eternal'

Vasistha's Comments

Equip yourself with the attitude of Arjuna
Remaining unattached inwardly amidst all
Offer all experiences unto the omnipresent Lord
You will realize the truth that ends all doubts
That is the supreme state, guru of all gurus
The self—light that illumines from within
Reality of all substances and forms
False notions arise when there’s no inquiry
'I am' was there before the world was
Just how do notions arise and bind
Discover and abide in the non-dual spirit
Be actively engaged in life but ever free
What appears is the play of consciousness
There is no unity, nor is there duality
My instructions, you yourself and all of this
All the play of energy in infinite consciousness
In the silent peace of one's inner being
Consciousness vibrates and the world arises
If consciousness does not vibrate at all
There will be no world vision—only peace
Mind is movement in consciousness
Non-realization of this is world-vision
Thought aggravates this inner confusion
A vicious self-feeding cycle arises within
When the inner intelligence is awakened
Craving and pursuit of pleasure ceases
The outrush of energy returns to consciousness
Wisdom and self-knowledge arise within
Desire for liberation must be abandoned
It too interferes with fullness of self
Constant awareness is the best way
Observation itself prevents involvement
When the ego-sense is constantly observed
Awareness itself ends any movement
Movement ceases for it has no support
Who then is bound or liberated by whom
Dwelling in the utter stillness of pure being
Fully aware but without movement of mind
Experience the illimitable infinite consciousness
Go beyond afflictions while actively engaged

Vasistha on Pure Being

When the mind, intellect and ego-sense
Cease to function—there is stillness
The omnipresent, undifferentiated being
Exists as pure existence or the reality
As space in space, sound in sound
Touch in touch, taste in taste
Sight in sight, form in form
Rising as mind in the mind
Intelligence in intelligence
Immovable in the immovable
Mobility in all moving beings
Divinity in gods, humanity in humans
Bestial nature in animals it is seen
Essence of time and the seasons
Dynamism in action, order in order
Childhood, youth, old age and death
Undivided and indivisible it is
The very essence of all and everything
Diversity is an appearance to the senses
Realize 'all this is pervaded by me'
Realize that 'I am omnipresent'
Not intellectually but by experience
Devoid of body and any limitation
Dwell in peace and supreme happiness

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