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Yoga Vasistha in Poem

Chapter VI: Dealing with Liberation

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18. The Story of Bhringisa


Bhringisa once approached Lord Siva
For a way out of delusion and bondage
Siva gave this advice to Bhringisa
By which he attained total freedom
Give up doubts, resort to moral courage
Be a supreme doer of actions
A supreme enjoyer of delight
And, a supreme renouncer of all

Be a Great Doer

Be free of all doubt and confusion
Do what is appropriate in each situation
Natural action does not depend upon
Whether others consider it right or wrong
Do not be swayed by likes and dislikes
Success, failure, gain, ambition or greed
Remain steady in silence and purity
Unattached, without any selfish motive
Be a witness to all and everything
Do what needs to be done with full heart
Indifferent to how things may turn out
Do the best without any attachment
Act with a mind completely at peace
Steady, without excitement or exultation
Do the best in each situation afresh
In perfect equilibrium all the while you act

Be a Great Enjoyer

Free from hate or any longing
Enjoy what comes along naturally
Without clinging or rejecting
Even while engaged in action
Without experience though experiencing
Witness of world-play though unaffected
With mind balanced in pleasure and pain
These come naturally in the course of life
Free from natural changes that occur
Reactions to change cause confusion
Find joy in misfortune, poverty and calamity
In old age and death too—all natural changes
Be non-violent and an abode of virtue
Enjoy sweet and bitter with equal relish
Avoid completely all arbitrary distinctions
Enjoy each moment as it comes naturally

Be a Great Renouncer

Banish from your mind all concepts
Ideas of what is right and wrong too
What is considered pain and pleasure
Desires, doubts and all convictions too
See falsity in the experience of pain
By realizing that you are not the body
Abandon completely from the heart
The idea of world-appearance as reality

Vasistha's Comments

Thus did Siva instruct Bhringisa
Who then became enlightened
Adopt this very attitude yourself
And transcend sorrow completely

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